Paris: Yellow Vests Weekend # 23

Posted April 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

This is NOT the ‘Springtime in Paris” that their tourism industry relies upon.

This looks a lot like the beginnings of a civil war,  and their globalist boy-president Emmanuel Macron has no clue…
Between Paris and Venezuela,  – do you think America’s young Globalists and Socialist can garner a clue?   Happy Easter Paris!

One Response to “Paris: Yellow Vests Weekend # 23”

  1. Varvara

    Paris used to be beautiful and clean. Are these citizens angry with Macron or perhaps the EU? Elections are coming up next month we will see what happens then.

    It’s hard to blame the students, they have been subjected to this nonsense all their school years.

    France is not the only country going thru this horror.


    They furious at both Macron and the EU – because Macron raised taxes (on gas) to pay welfare to illegal Muslims who have over-run their country, killing Frenchmen, raping women, and burning churches.

    If Macron – or his successor – can’t figure it out and expel the Muslims, – expect to see a very ugly religious civil war across much of Europe.