Paris Under Siege – Weekend # 21

Posted April 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Emmanuel Macron’s policies have brought out the Yellow Vests – all winter,  and this was the 21st weekend.

As Spring goes into Summer,…things can only get worse.  Please note the reluctance of our American media to tell the full story,  – because central to what’s going on is a hatred of the EU,  – of Globalism,  – and of Government-mandated Muslim immigration and welfare policies,  – all things Democrats here lovevideo

These are EXACTLY the kind of social tensions that our Founders understood when they insisted that our God-Given Right to Self-Defense be enshrined in our 2nd Amendment.

When any King,  any Emperor,  or any “President” can order his police and his troops to shoot his own people,  – he just became a tyrant.

Now with tensions at the boiling point,  and very hot weather approaching,  – any blunder,  – any miscalculation, – any itchy trigger finger could spark wholesale bloodshed.

Macron may be calculating that he can outlast the Yellow Vests.

Maybe, – but he’ll never outlive this legacy….

One Response to “Paris Under Siege – Weekend # 21”

  1. Sherox

    I am surprised that the people of France have not yet stormed the castle.