Paris Jan 2020: The Pension Riots

Posted January 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

What?   Work w-o-r-k past age 62?   C’est un scandale!

The 2019 Yellow Vest movement has morphed into a national outrage against Macron’s proposed pension reforms.  For most of December trains weren’t running and government union workers have taken to the streets.  If you long for the 60’s and the smell of tear gas, – Paris is the place for you! Video:


Meanwhile, Paris’s OTHER PROBLEM , – their Muslim ‘no-go’ districts continue to grow as Muslim families have 6 to 8 or more children,  all paid for by government welfare.

You would think that if the French looked around Paris and their other big cities,  – they might see a more pressing national problem than a change in their retirement date…

Remember Americans: your average Democrat wants open borders and unlimited welfare benefits for all who come to the USA, – which will turn our country into this mess in just one generation. 

France:  A nation and a culture flushing itself into a Muslim toilet! 

One Response to “Paris Jan 2020: The Pension Riots”

  1. Jim Buba

    Well, to be clear (and boring), try to remember that Yassir Arafat was air-lifted to Paris on his deathbed. For some, the press reports added the slant about how ‘Humanitarian’ and/or ‘Kind’ and/or ‘Gentile’ the French were to treat the Number One Terrorist at the time.

    Little press was printed or aired about the legal issues facing the Arafat Clan. Without Yassir’s signature or an official witness, the totality of the PLO bank accounts would become property of the State and the widow Arafat, her turd sons, would have to go to work or; (shudder), leave France penniless.

    My, my, my. What of the Arafat Clan now? Do they spend any of that money on Terrorism? Weapons?

    The answer is no. The PLO has quietly retreated to the lives of luxury and occasionally launder money for the Drug Smugglers that are the Bearded Women and Children, all aged 22-26.

    Of course by now they are 30-44 and still do nothing for anyone, including muslims anywhere.


    Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy! You KNOW that the Peanut Farmer still has an avid but aging following that worship his Camp David Accords….

    You come along and tell the UGLY TRUTH,…and you’ll make them cry.