Paris Is So Lovely In November!

Posted November 24th, 2018 by Iron Mike

They’re called the “Gilets Jaunes” – the Yellow Vests,  – these rebellious Frenchmen demanding that their Boy President Emmanuel Macron resign.  He’s only been President for 18 months….

They’re protesting the high price of gasoline and diesel fuel.  It looks like the Global Warming Know-it-All has no answer for them.  Going to make it tough on the Boy as he heads to the G20 in Argentina next Friday… video:

Just a guess mind you,  but when this round of rioting has run its course,  – and Macron is away in Buenos Aires – sneering at Trump,  and the French police are exhausted, – the Muslim ‘refugees’ will take to the streets.

The French version of Socialism cannot survive without massive taxes,  – which only working people pay,  – and those who need fuel for their cars and trucks.

You are aware that France is a Nuclear Power – with lots of Atomic Bombs,  – should it fall to the Muslims….

5 Responses to “Paris Is So Lovely In November!”

  1. Varvara

    OMG And to think they accept this…. Marine LePen was sent for evaluation. They sent the wrong person!

  2. Vic

    We shoulda stayed home in 1917.

  3. Panther 6

    France today is a sad remnant of the nation that helped us win our Freedom in the 1780’s. Truly a shame but we are proceeding although at a slower pace along the same path. Our muslim residents simply don’t come from colonies. Oh no our GOVT let’s them in.

  4. Kojack

    DEMOCRAPS in MI just elected Rashida Tlaib, the 1st muslim woman elected to Congress, to replace Rep. John Conyers, who resigned due to sexual harassment allegations. That’s in addition to Andre Carson and Keith Ellison, two muslim converts who were elected previously

    According to an anonymous poll of American muslims taken a few years ago, 65% said that sharia law should replace the U.S. Constitution. We are surely going down the same suicidal path as the EU in the name of PC and “religious” liberty.

    BTW – I wonder how many gay lib-TURDs voted for her ?!?!?

  5. Sherox

    Europe is almost as bad as Massachusetts. It is pretty much beyond hope unless their own people rise up against their own governments.