Parasites In Your Wallet

Posted November 7th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Why do Democrats and Socialists believe they have a ‘right’ – even a ‘duty’ to force the rest of us to comply with their state welfare programs [like ObamaCare] and tax the crap our of us to do so?  Year after year they seem to vote and live like parasites in your wallet.

I have a theory.  I think the Democrats have managed to breed themselves down into an inferior species of girly-girly men,  typically unfit for robust competitive contact sports or military service.  They have come to accept the notion that a beneficent government will anticipate their life needs and have working programs in place to meet all their wants and needs as they grow into adulthood, then into old age.

Think about our modern schools – particularly in Massachusetts.  Most elementary classroom teachers have assistants, and a constant bevy of mommies just dying to help chaperone a trip or bake cookies.  School is all about ‘getting along’,  not about ‘getting ahead’.

In junior high and high school individual responsibility is all but eliminated by the use of group projects Group work is presented to the class, i.e. no pagers to take home and grade.  It’s way easier for the teacher to give just 5 grades to the groups instead of thirty (30) individual grades.  Nobody flunks – not even the malingering wombat who did nothing to advance his  project except watch his classmates cover his ass.

History and government?  Forgetaboutit!  If you want to know how badly you’re being ripped off by your overpriced union-run school system – go ask any five high school seniors to name three Supreme Court justices.  Then just so you know you’re not going crazy, ask them what is a Circuit Court.  If you live here in Massachusetts – ask your high school seniors “What is the Massachusetts General Court?

My point is that by deliberately NOT teaching History, Civics, and Government in the schools,  [or teaching an  incomplete and slanted version] our Socialist League of Union Teachers [SLUTs?] have created the impression that these issues are unimportant.  In every subject, from English to math, to science, to foreign languages the quiet background noise is ‘trust your elected officials / trust your government / we need more money to do more projects’.

By now we have two full generations of young adults with no real clue about how their government works.  They do know that for three or four generations their families have always voted ‘straight Democrat’.  In union families it’s five or six generations.  There is no other way.  Republicans are just ‘rich fat cats trying to get richer on the hard work and sweat of the union man’.

For at least fifty years Republicans have cowered in fear of this kind of name-calling, and kept a low profile, hardly daring to speak out on issues from taxation to immigration, to the direction of education, to abortion, to gay marriage, and most lately – the Transgender Bathroom Bill.   In Massachusetts most Republican candidates refuse to put the word ‘Republican’ on their pushcards and yard signs.  They try winning on personality rather than on principles and issues.  Last week Mass Republicans were creamed!

Massachusetts can be an insular world at times.  It sure was this year.  Both Democrats and Republicans ignored the tidal wave of mood change sweeping the country.

Dems clung to their Golden MEssiah, reveled in the passage of ObamaCare [many still believe it will be ‘free’], and focused on the Transgender Bathroom Bill and more free stuff for illegals.  The Dems voted in lock-step for their discredited incumbents, returning them to Congress.

Republicans grew timid in the face of anti-TEA Party propaganda from the Socialists.  They failed to embrace the TEA Parties, which included a lot of ‘Unenrolled’ and a lot of disgusted former Republicans.  They failed to attack the disgraceful unconstitutional record of the Democrat office holders, – instead mounting tepid attacks about ‘overspending and overtaxing’.  They failed to show passion and they failed to make things personal.  They failed.

Now our ten Democrat Representatives in Congress are going to be lonely, out of power, and as a minimum the butt of some ridicule.  Several could see ethics investigations.  Back in Boston all eyes will be on redistricting.  Daggers are being sharpened as you read these words.  But with Democrats still the overwhelming majority in the Mass WhoreHouse – expect us to have to live another decade with gerrymandered districts – like the Mass 4th – which looks a lot like Barney Frank every time he lay eyes on young Sean Bielat.

Mass Democrats [we call them MassHoles] can revel in their victory.  They totally rebounded from their Jan 19th defeat at the hands of the TEA Parties and Scott Brown.  Republicans deserve the humiliation they now suffer, because they actually let themselves believe that things here had changed.  If anything, today the surviving Republican Town Committees are more fractured and weaker than they’ve ever been.  And conservatives are looking at the TEA Parties to step up and fill the leadership void.

We’re about to have two very dynamic years.  Our countrymen ‘get it’ –  our local MassHoles don’t.  I’m waiting to see if the late-nite comics ‘get it’.  Who will be the butt of the biggest jokes now: Duh-val or Moonbeam?

And come November 2012, will the working families of Massachusetts still let the parasites live in their wallets?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “Parasites In Your Wallet”

  1. asusue

    I have had a big problem with those group projects for many years. I started to notice it when my youngest child was in jr. high. He is now 29 so this has been building, at least in this district, for a long time. If the libs are so anxious for everything to be “fair”, how do they square these projects with that, when there is ALWAYS at least one kid who does nothing . I guess it is a microcosm of society now where lots of people do nothing and the rest of us work overtime so the laggards can have everything they didn’t work for. If you read the local paper almost everything written about the schools is touting some volunteer project. I have no beef with volunteering, but should that be the focus of our education system? Maybe the parents could take care of setting that example. I have no problem with parents doing field trips but if you think cookies would be allowed in a classroom you haven’t been in an elementary school lately!

  2. Drayah

    It pains me to say this, but Mass is in for a rude awakening. Many people will exit this state. It is broken down to to two types,the makers and the takers.The takers are the political hacks and all of their big gov hacks, as well as those on welfare and the Auntie Z types who all live off government.The takers are us and we are sick of it.
    About sixteen years ago I had a babysitter brag to me that she was getting a $5000 in earned income benefits from the IRS, she lived off welfare.
    Gov Patrick has told the illegals they are safe here in our sanctuary cities.They work at Market Basket and Viking Seafoods in Malden to name a few. They have complete acess to free medical and social services. I have seen them swipe the card hundreds of times. Gov Patrick like his crony Barry is lying, who are you going to believe me or Auntie Z who feels entitled to her free services?? Blank you taxpayers.

  3. Kojack

    Remember this is the state that returned the SWIMMER to the U.S. Senate right after he murdered the young woman he impregnated. Scott Brown was elected only because most of the MassHoles stayed home and relied on each other to go out into the cold and fill in the circle for Marcia Croakely. Last week they didn’t take it for granted that the D’s would have it in the bag so most of them went to the polls. No conservative Republican will ever get elected in this state until it completely breaks down and the MassHoles have no where else to go. I can’t explain how Mitt got elected as I was living in NH at the time.