Panetta, Napolitano Dodge A Bullet!

Posted December 27th, 2009 by Iron Mike

FLASH!  Obama, Panetta, and Napolitano dodge a bullet!

It began years ago in a poor African country, where in a tiny pocket of wealth the son of an important banker attended school and gradually became a devout Muslim, – then a radicalized one.  But his father’s wealth and position carried him to the best schools in Nigeria, then London.  Still those radicalized views, – and he got his name on a Do Not Admit list in Britain.  So Christmas Eve he set out from Brussels to meet his 72 virgins somewhere in the skies over Michigan.  Sitting in seat 19A – right over the wings and belly fuel tank of Northwest 253, he was wearing or carrying enough Petn to turn 253 into an airborne fireball. Not exactly the Star in the East!

Had Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab succeeded,  one can only imagine the gyrations that Homeland Security, the CIA, and the State Department would have gone through.  Since Umar’s father had already gone to the American Embassy in Lagos to warn America of the danger he believed his son posed, Hillary Clinton [who hates Obama] would have been on the spot.  What did State know, and what did they do about it?  Did they share with CIA and DHS, – or did they have a “Chinese Wall”?  If the Brits had him on their Do Not Admit list, how in the HELL did he get aboard a US carrier in Brussels [home of NATO HQ]?  Would the Soros/Obama Cartel force the FAA and the DoT to call this one “mechanical failure” – and investigate Boeing Engineering again?  

 [I’ve always said TWA 800 was a test run by an Al Qaeda shoe bomber but the Clinton administration wouldn’t admit it. Wackos floated the idea a navy missile shot it down. ]

Janet Leon Umar


Let’s look at the players:  Obama – sides quietly with the Islamists.  No interest in a ruthless intelligence program [hired Save-the-Seals Panetta to run CIA],  and frankly could use a good news distraction right now.

Hillary – being traveled to death by Obama – to ruin her health and remove her from contention in 2012. No real background in anything but Arkansas / DC politics.  In way over her head.

Leon “Save-the-Seals” Panetta – Comes to CIA with an anti-agency / anti-wet work bias. Suddenly develops a loyalty to his agents exactly when Obama plans to expose their identities in the Federal District Court in Manhattan. So he is concerned with preparing people for testimony next year, and not looking at emerging threats, – like al Qaeda’s new use of Black terrorists, – both from Africa, and from within American prisons.

Janet “I’m really not a Lesbian” Napolitano – Queen of DHS – focused on civil rights for border crossers, and not on stopping them.  Totally unaware of growing al Qaeda threats – since if they start outside the country – she figures it’s “no my yob”.  How about that Major Nadal Hasan fella Janet?  Was he part of your job?  Let’s not profile anybody – like Muslims and radicalized Blacks – gee, that sounds like somebody we all know.  Oops!

I am saddened and chagrin to say this, but the Obama/Soros cartel are probably pissed that the plot didn’t work. They could really use a big news smoke screen right now, – and this would have been perfect.  Thank God real Americans took action, and 253 landed safely.  Seventy-two virgins are saying “Whew!”  How ’bout some civilian heroism awards Barrack?  That ought to make you choke.   Now we taxpayers will pay for Umar’s trial and his ACLU attorneys.  How long before Al and Jessie can figure out a Black angle to this story – and come looking for a paycheck?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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