Pam Bondi Dissects The Biden Family

Posted January 28th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The irony is inescapable!   Think back over the years,  – at all the women Joe Biden has fondled in public….   Now comes this super-attractive wicked smart blonde lawyer from Florida,  – taking him and his corrupt horn-dog son Hunter apart like a couple of cheap suits…

If the plan of the House impeachment zombies was to shield Joe from scrutiny,  – and put him on a gentle glide path into the White House,  – their plan has backfired in their face.   Today everybody knows how corrupt the Bidens are… 30-minute video:

What excuse can Joe use…?   “I was too stupid to see how corrupt Burisma was,  – and too unscrupulous after a lifetime in the DC Swamp to know I was breaking the Law…”

If you listen carefully to Pam’s recital of the timeline of events,  – it’s pretty damned clear that Biden was breaking the law to enrich himself – and his son,  – and that both John Kerry and Obama were fully aware – and LETTING HIM!

2 Responses to “Pam Bondi Dissects The Biden Family”

  1. Jim Buba

    I love a good mystery.

    There’s no mystery here though. Biden is running for President to AVOID inspection and prosecution. Frankly, I would be pleased to see both Biden’s financial records for the stated period and then wonder about fitting them with Orange Suits two sizes too small.

  2. MC

    Ms Bondi dissected Biden in such a way that even the Liberals who weren’t listening could understand. I would love to see all the Biden financials after seeing Peter Schweizer on Levin’s Sunday evening show. Who knew that the entire family was corrupt?