Pallets Full Of Ballots At 3 AM

Posted November 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Kind’a like the pallets of cash John Kerry had flown into Tehran…?

One Response to “Pallets Full Of Ballots At 3 AM”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    Attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudi Giuliani are exposing the corruption and fraud that has dominated this election. Huge legal battles are being waged. Dominion voting systems were used to fix and rig our election. They set up algorithms to flip votes, alter votes and change the results of this election. Analysis of election night data from all states show millions of votes either switched from President Trump to Biden or were “lost” using Dominion and other software. If we don’t stop this crime now, all of this software technology will be used again and again and we’ll never have a fair election.

    Are there enough honest judges to look at the evidence, expose it and do the right thing for our country?