Palace Intrigue: The Kamala Harris Revolt!

Posted March 28th, 2021 by Iron Mike

A little-known secret:   Until the sitting President is hospitalized or croaks;  the VP has only one duty,  – make tie-breaking votes in the US Senate.  Other than that, he / she has no duties.  It looks like Kamala Harris is avoiding anything that even looks like heavy lifting.

At RRB,  we have a few ideas on why…. 

If you ever thought that Kamala Harris likes or respects Joe Biden,  – you still probably think that the stripper really likes you….

Get a clue:  she’s a skilled blowjob artist – a porn actress (aka sex worker) who will say anything, do anything (or anybody) for power.

Biden probably thought he was throwing her a bone,  – giving her a good assignment to increase her profile – – in the same way Trump put Mike Pence in charge of the Coronavirus effort.

But Harris has always avoided both heavy lifting and any task that could actually be MEASURED,  – you know,  – like numbers of migrants crossing per day

FURTHER:  as a world communist – she wants unlimited migration of low-skilled and semi-literate peasants.

They’ll vote for communist candidates and keep their mouths shut. 

And in Cloward-Piven strategy,  – they’ll overload the system.

She has NO INTENTION of doing anything to slow the influx of future Democrat voters.

She would MUCH RATHER force Biden to do it himself,  – so he can fall on his face in a very public way.

For her – the very best outcome would be when Central American leaders state publicly that they can’t do business with Biden – because he has Dementia.

With foreign leaders saying it – activating the 25th Amendment would be a cinch!

What can Biden (really his puppet-masters) do about it?

Very little!   With no specified Constitutional Duties other than casting an occasional tie-breaking Senate Vote,  – she’s free to spend her time interviewing her own future team members….

…and of course planning Joe’s farewell party!

…and making her list of Biden Flunkies she’ll purge when she takes over.

Biden may be hearing this 1966 song running through his head….

2 Responses to “Palace Intrigue: The Kamala Harris Revolt!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Let’s not forget that Harris is at least if not more incompetent for the job than Biden, and the last thing she’ll want is to get caught in any shit storms….

    But on another note: To all my fellow Vietnam Veterans out there, Welcome Home and enjoy our own, very special Monday, March 29th….

  2. Panther 6

    GB LTC has nailed KH. She will be very hesitant to do anything that smacks even a little of controversial. She is a waste and I cringe to think of her in the Oval Office. God Help us, we are going to need lots of help.

    Happy VN VETS Day to all.