Mayor Ted: “You’re Helping Re-Elect Trump”

Posted August 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Mayor Wheeler is a 21st Century Communist,  – a man schooled in using our US Constitution and our Legal System to slowly erode and erase our Constitutional Republic.  And he’s also a craven coward,  as most commies are…

Watch the video – as he tries to tell the AntiFA goons that they’re going to appear in TV ads for Trump’s reelection.  He’s right,  – but he misses the larger more important point,  – because he doesn’t give a damn…. Read more »

President Trump In Clyde Ohio Today

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Where is Clyde, Ohio…? Read more »

Slow Joe’s Racism Oozes Out Again!

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Biden flings Black Americans under the bus.  Even down in his basement it’s not safe for Democrats to let him in front of a live camera…

And just today the Dems paid $280 Million for a 15-state ad buy – $220 for TV,  and $60 Million for ads on social media.  Well,  at least his handlers can censor and edit the ads.

It’s FASCISTS vs Socialist In Portland

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Soros and AntiFA/BLM picked Portland Oregon for a reason.  Already the most ooey-gooey liberal town in the USA,  – it was being run by a head-up-his-ass mayor and had a brand new conspicuously AA/EEO female police chief.  Easy pickings!

Meanwhile,  almost unreported,  – regular crime including murder,  rape,  kidnapping,  and human trafficking were running rampant…. Read more »

When “Democrats” Show Their Fangs

Posted August 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

They lie,  they twist the meaning of words,  they steal elections,  they break the rules and take huge bribes,….

…and they quickly become dictators when given the chance,  – aided by a fearful or complacent citizenry.  At a certain point,  the ‘Citizens’ become mere subjects.  Constitutions are dissolved, – your ‘rights’ become what they allow.   Did you study History?

Gee Joe, It Just Won’t Be The Same…

Posted August 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Biden is hidin’ in Wilmington!   Slow Joe – our National Village Idiot – just announced he won’t go to the Democrat Convention in Milwaukee.

He’ll stay in the cellar in Wilmington and deliver his ‘Acceptance Speech’ remotely (where folks can’t see his over-sized teleprompters). Read more »

The Leaked George Floyd Video

Posted August 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

If a cop’s knee on Floyd’s neck was a leading cause of his death, – the official but totally unnecessary police secrecy surrounding the event has led to over a dozen race riots nationwide.

Back on May 27th – most thinking adults understood that we were only seeing bystander video – and only the most emotional segments.  Soon our cities were aflame! Read more »

Crazy Mazie Hirono Walks Out

Posted August 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Democrats in general hate Ted Cruz,  – because he sticks to the Constitution,  wants law and order,  – and because he always calls out their hypocrisy.  Ted was holding hearings on AntiFA today,  Hawaii’s Crazy (retarded) Mazie Hirono walked out.
Full 3½ hour hearing below the fold: Read more »

A Nightmare Is Coming To Your School

Posted August 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

First they blackmailed business and politicians,  then they pulled down statues and burned buildings;  – now they want the History books rewritten…

What will these fools want next – segregated all-Black schools?
Using the cover of “SYSTEMIC RACISM”, militant and evil Blacks will be demanding things like this in your local school system.
Be prepared to fight,  – because your political leaders and union teachers have already caved in.

Poor Nike: Bad Decisions Mounting Up

Posted August 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Gee, a BILLION here,  – $40 Million over there,…and Kaepernick still isn’t throwing footballs…   Did Nike make some terrible business decisions? Read more »