Over The Cliff: Blame Bush…?

Posted December 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Or was driving us off the cliff in a Prius Obama’s plan all along?
Over We Go

Really?!? You thought Obama wants to ‘fix’ our economy?

Even after he added $5 Trillion to our DEBT?

WAKE UP!  He doesn’t care about ‘millionaires and billionaires‘ – any more than he cares about you.  He cares about POWER!

And you gave it to him.

If you are Republican, and foolishly maintained for four years that he was merely ‘extreme and misguided’ you gave him power.

If you are a Democrat, and thought ‘he really cares about poor people and social justice’ you gave him powerNow you’ll pay.  So will your grandchildren.

Some of you – BOTH Republicans and Democrats – are quick to blame Bush – ‘his two unfunded wars’, – ‘his tax cuts for the rich’, – ‘he was too stupid to understand’…  Yeah, blame Bush when your paycheck is smaller next month.

Blame Bush come January 2014 as you fill out your 2013 income taxes, – while trying to figure out how to pay for your kids’ colleges.

Blame Bush as Obama adds another $1.5 Trillion to our debt by Halloween.

The ONLY PEOPLE happy right now think exactly like Obama

‘that America must be punished for her wicked past’.  Are you one of them?  Do you think America is a ‘racist country’?

As I publish this entry, I think going over the cliff is inevitable. 

I think we’ll see massive layoffs across the spectrum – even into government ranks – during Q1 of 2013

Just BegunDemocrats who proudly campaigned for Obama will be stunned to find themselves unemployed, – and find their skills at Marxian economics unmarketable.  Ah well, there’s always that trusty EBT Card.

2013 will be a horrible year for the USA economically.  But Obama’s just begun!

3 Responses to “Over The Cliff: Blame Bush…?”

  1. Tom

    This narcissistic, mad man was elected by the 51%, including the low information voters. They have what they wanted and most of them are too stupid and entitled to know the difference. By the time some of them come to their senses, those that pay taxes will have seen their income and buying power reduced as inflation skyrockets. Next your rights will be eroded away, regulations will increase and government will continue to expand. It has taken the Maxists many decade, but they are reaching their goal almost without firing a shot.

  2. Kojack

    One sliver lining in all of this is that some of the morons who re-elected the islamic marxist are now going to feel some pain.

    Another related item ignored by the lame stream media is the student loan debt bubble which will burst when the majority of them default on their loans as a consequence of their votes. The taxpayers will be left holding the bag now that student loans have been nationalized by the dear leader.

  3. Walter Knight

    Am I finally going to get my free stuff, or not?

    The people who will be hurt the most will be Obama’s base of support, but it won’t matter. They’re too stupid to know what happened to them.

    Power to the people . . . and save most of the whales!