Our World Laughing Stock pResident

Posted June 14th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Democrats are happy.  They ~ think ~ Biden will finish Obama’s work and reverse all of Trump’s good deeds and patriotic ideas.  They ~ think ~ we’re headed to World Government….

But of course Democrats never studied or understood History.

For them,  those classes on how wars started and what happened as a result were boring,  – and just too hard to remember.

They wanted to take classes that made them FEEL better….  Today they want Government to enact Laws and Policies that make them FEEL better….

They have NO CLUE about unintended consequences….

Biden is the anti-Trump.  He is pResident.  They know it’s only as a result of massive election fraud – but THEY DON’T CARE!

They fully understand that we’ll soon have a WOMAN pResident – and they’re delighted. They DON’T CARE if she is utterly unprepared and totally unworthy.  SHE’S A WOMAN!!!

Every evil actor around the world has been watching.   Biden’s performance in Cornwall has confirmed for them they have little to fear from the Dementia Patient.

They’re calculating that none of his handlers will move to sink their ships or shoot down their planes.

Within days – certainly just weeks,  – they will launch test forays,  – to measure the response from the Kleptocrat.

They KNOW – invest a mere $1 Million with Hunter – and Joe will look the other way.

Across our Southern Border are streaming millions of new Democrat Voters,  – who don’t speak English,  – and who are willing to break our laws to get registered and vote next November.

Everything Trump warned us about is unfolding….

In all of our Democrat-controlled inner cities Black Ministers and Black Politicians are silent about the ongoing Black Gang Warfare that is harvesting dozens of young Black men each night – – hundreds each weekend.

Why are they silent?   They too have been bought off….

The Demographics of the USA are changing!

Until recent years, almost every American family had blood relatives who’d fought,  been wounded, or died fighting in one or more of our wars.

Those families were proudly – if quietly – Patriotic.  They’d read and studied our Constitution and our History in school.   They went to Church on Sunday.

Now those families are quickly being outnumbered by people who came here for the free stuff, – people who came for “Economic Opportunity”,  – but who still want to live under Oriental, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Latin American, and African cultural norms.

Some are so backwards and evil they still perform clitoridectomies on their daughters.  And American judges are shrugging their shoulders….

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are despicable human beings,  but for a growing segment of America’s Muslim population – they are just perfect! 

Their voters understand the system;  and will reelect them for years, – until they are powerful Committee Chairs.

The communist plan to conquer America by dividing us from within by racial groups is working, and both Biden and then Harris will speed it along.

Short a significant miracle in November 2022,  – America is headed into a new kind of Civil War, – – even as our enemies nibble away at the edges.

Get ARMED Patriots, – – and AMMO UP! 

2 Responses to “Our World Laughing Stock pResident”

  1. Kojack

    “Short a significant miracle in November 2022, – America is headed into a new kind of Civil War….,,”

    As long as HR1 doesn’t pass the “miracle” will happen but it will only delay the shooting phase of CV2 not prevent it. The cultural civil war has been going on for decades and is now intensifying.

    Even among the motley crew he was with, Biden looked pathetic.

  2. panther6

    Kojack is right. The cultural war has been gaining in intensity and sadly the BLM and LGBT types are winning.