Our Week of National Nausea

Posted August 30th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in.  This seemed like the week which would not end!

Boston became Barf Central as everybody who is anybody in leftist and socialist circles came to ooze sentiment for the murderer Ted Kennedy.   Admittedly, – some of it was fun to watch – like watching Hillary trying to be nice to the Ketchup Boy, – and Theresa making sure he didn’t hit on the new widow.  True to breeding and character our national Village Idiot – “Lovable Joe” just had to tell tales of Teddy introducing him to naked senators. 

It seems that everybody wanted to be seen as having something nice or comforting to say about Teddy.  Except starting at the wake Friday these socialists quickly discarded their veneer of respectability, and turned both the wake and Saturday’s funeral mass into a marketing event for national socialized medicine and gay marriage.  Somehow every tale of sailing, of the Senate floor, of the many trips “Uncle Teddy” took in support of his much-troubled clan – each tale became a metaphor for socialized medicine. 

Even our local quasi-conservative radio stations – WRKO and WTKK – dumped their regular programming and had Kennedy sycophants on the air commenting on the mourners.  Nowhere was there a mention of Teddy safely sitting out the Korean War in the US Embassy in Paris,  or of Mary Joe Kopechne’s drowning,  or the number of times Teddy had picked up the phone to lift the weight of the law off a troubled niece or nephew.  Nobody mentioned Connecticut cousin convicted murderer Michael Skakel – and Teddy’s many attempts to weasel him a new trial.

There were telling and hilarious moments.  John McCain was still schmoozing around looking for a “middle ground” on the health care bill.  The former RiNO Standard Bearer had been beaten up pretty badly on Monday and Wednesday in town hall events in Sun City and Phoenix.  Now he seems to be ignoring his voters’ anger.  And there was Al “Global Warming” Gore enjoying one of the coldest August days on record.  Undaunted by the cold weather, he was still selling his version of anti-carbon snake oil. 

Maybe the funniest moment came towards the end of the wake when the Boston Community Choir – sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”.  It sure didn’t look like all those Saint Patty’s Day breakfasts that Ted had attended over the years. 

As I expected – it was well after dark when Ted’s body arrived for burial at Arlington.  I cringe as I type those words, – knowing that over 285,000 heroes are not happy with the newcomer now planted amid them. But as so much of Ted’s life played out in the shadows, – somehow it was fitting that the sun not shine on his final moves.  Goodbye, good riddance!

And in case you weren’t paying attention last week, – it has come to light that aides to West Virginia Senate “Democrat” Jay Rockefeller have been drafting a new bill which in the event of a “cybersecurity emergency” – would allow Obama to shut down the internet.   Gee,  I just wonder who he doesn’t want communicating on the internet?!?   Maybe you and me?   Ya think? 

This is like Germany in 1934 – when Hitler shut down newspapers and radio stations.  Be VERY afraid America.   Our domestic enemy is hard at work!

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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