Our Very Very Angry pResident!

Posted September 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Our National Disgrace went to Republican Governor Scott Walker’s state, – to the LaborFest in Madison, Wisconsin.
Obama Labor Day 2014 Wisconsin
Somehow the man who shows ZERO emotion over the death of a US Army General in Afghanistan, – a beheaded journalist in Syria, – or a US Marine held for months in a Mexican jail; – got himself fired up over immigration, the minimum wage, and Republicans in Congress.

Does he realize that any improvement in Wisconsin’s economy – is due to Scott Walker?  Am I the only one who believes that Obama is borderline insane?

4 Responses to “Our Very Very Angry pResident!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, he is more than borderline insane, he is certifiably insane and it is way past time for the straight jacket and the padded cell. We have Obama railing in Wisconsin, Kerry wind sailing in Nantucket, ISIS and their brother terrorists having a frat party in the US Embassy in Tripoli, ISIS overrunning Syria, Iraq and soon to be Jordan and The Golan Heights in their sights and the only leader showing concern is the Brit PM David Cameron. We are in serious trouble!

  2. Mark

    Nope, I firmly believe he has gone 100% certified USDA full commie muzzy race baiting fucking retard.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Not only did he cross the borderline into insanity a LONG time ago, but his grandparents gave him to a communist activist mentor, so he would be brought up as a communist. That explains everything. Including his sympathy for ISIS.

  4. MC

    What an insult to hard working Americans when Obama says he would join a union. I didn’t realize there was a UNION for the partying, golfing, I,I,I,me,me,me,me, no plan, lying folks. Wonder who would pay his dues … oh let the republicans do that.