Our Very Own Mass Website Debacle!

Posted November 12th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Governor Duh-val Patrick now shares Obama’s WEBSITE WOES!
Deval's Website
And he’s got the SAME SOLUTION…. 


Just last year – in a little seen YouTube video – [just 83 views this morning ] Website Grand Master Manu Tandon was bragging about their grand scheme to build a ‘reusable healthcare website’.  Very clever these Persians….
Bragging is ~ sort of OK ~ if you can make good.

They’ve blown it – along with $69 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars.

So they’re going to call in the database expertsexperts at billing per/hour] from software giant Oracle [big Democratic Party contributor] to salvage it.

This EVEN as Duh-val is planning to spend another $9 MILLION – redecorating his office….

It may help you to remember that last year our disinterested governor had to FIRE  Dr. JudyAnn Bigby as ExecSec of Health and Human Services – after two monster disasters under her watch: brain trust

Annie Dookhan – the chemist who lied under oath in court on numerous criminal cases involving drug samples she had not really tested,…and

the failure to oversee and supervise NECC – a drug compounding lab in Framingham – whose tainted drugs produced a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitiswhich killed over 50 people nationwide.

Bigby – whose chief claim to fame is being black [and morbidly obese]  – was replaced by John Polanowicz,  who will now enjoy a tarnished résumé.   Why tarnished?   Because he went to work on January 22nd,  – he’s had a full NINE MONTHS to save this baby!

We can thank the Boston Herald for reporting this one.  You can be sure no member of the Administration would pull the fire alarm!  As I hit the publish button,  Manu Tandon has not returned my call. 

Oh, BTW, – no surprise – the contractor Bigby used in the beginning?  CGI – the same Canadian firm [where Michelle Obama’s black college classmate is a VP] which screwed up the ObamaCare website – for $650 MILLION!!

Could all this be just a series of “remarkable coincidences”?

2 from ChicagoWhat are the chances….

   two black chief executives,…both from Chicago,…both elected and then re-elected on simple slogans [and White Guilt],…both socialists who believe in wealth redistribution,…both who ignore the law and the Constitution they [swore] to uphold….both with screwed-up websites,…by the same foreign contractor,….both brought to light within the span of two months?   What ARE the chances of all that?

Who will Deval Patrick blame?   I’m guessing it will be the white guy

3 Responses to “Our Very Own Mass Website Debacle!”

  1. Tom

    As I always say, “there are NO coincidences”.

  2. Hawk1776

    Deval is essentially an Obama wannabe. Thankfully he won’t run again in 2014. Then again, the Democrats may nominate someone worse.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Wouldn’t surprise me if these two were bum buddies.