Our Vengeful Lesbian Sues Trump AGAIN!

Posted May 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

It seems there is no hypocrite like a power-drunk lesbian who wants to be Governor.

Has this agenda-driven bully nothing better to do on OUR time and with OUR money than to keep suing the Trump Administration every few weeks?

Somewhere Tim Cahill must be laughing his ass off;  – she’s doing EXACTLY what Martha Coakley sued him for,…using her office and her budget to gin up election year publicity.

Back in 2010,  young Tim had committed the sin of running for Governor (first as a Democrat – then as an “Independent”) – without getting permission from the Party insiders.

Coakley would sue him, – then charge him with a crime,  – to show others they better stay in line.

In the END – exhausted and bankrupt – Cahill agreed to a fine.  He remains a broken man today.

Massachusetts Republicans and TEA Party folks will remember it was Coakley who famously said

“It’s isn’t illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts!”

Democrats’ view of legality depends greatly on if they think they can get illegals to register and vote for them.

Maura Healey was an Assistant AG back then – working for Coakley. 

Today she’s doing everything possible to keep her face on the front pages,  – suing Trump every few weeks – – ANY pretense will do.   After all, – it’s the “Public Money”….

This week she’s outraged that outdated auto emission standards are being scrapped,  – and she’s determined to save the planet…..

If ONLY we had a Republican Governor with a shred of honor,  – and a set of balls….


4 Responses to “Our Vengeful Lesbian Sues Trump AGAIN!”

  1. integrity 1st

    Could she jump in to this election cycle for Governor? If so, she would win, and McMahan would stand a real chance of being the next AG. I’m convinced a good AG wiping out all the public corruption in this swamp would help and fix MA way more than any Governor can or will, so even with her in the corner office, we would all win.


    She’s looking at a Special Election if Baker runs against Trump in 2020, – or running for the open seat in the 2022 midterms…..building a base, building a warchest, lining up union support….

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Just goes to show there are more horse’s asses in this country than there are horses….

  3. Sherox

    It is past time for the Legislature to reign her in. She should not have unlimited access to taxpayer funds. Has she exceeded her approved budget?

  4. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Heelhead needs to pay the tax payers back. Iron Mike very true Baker does not lift a finger to stop this twisted liberal. Stop the Madness. If these liberals hate the Constitution so much they can go live in Venezuela or Cuba. Get out of here.