Our Treasonous Gang of Socialists

Posted September 14th, 2009 by Iron Mike

A quick history quiz Americans:   Who are Jiang Qing [aka Lan Ping] – Zhang ChunqiaoYao WenyuanWang Hongwen and Lin Piao?  Do these names mean anything to you?

Jaing was Mao Tse-tung’s fourth wife.  During the ten-year Chinese Cultural Revolution she and the others were known as the Gang of Four, responsible for the most severe repressive actions carried out by the Red Guards.  Upon the death of Mao in 1976,  they were arrested,  tried,  and convicted of treason.  Jiang and Zhang were sentenced to death.





I mention this historic trivia because an evil gang is leading a revolution here in the USA today – from within our government.  Obama, his wife Michelle, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, and Nancy Pelosi are hell-bent on fundamentally and totally tearing down all vestiges of Capitalism, Free Enterprise, Judeo-Christian society and replacing it with a hybrid brand of 21st Century agnostic Marxist-Socialism.  This is the “Change” Obama campaigned openly on, – the Change his ACORN and SEIU followers openly understood.   Only college campus liberals and white suburban soccer moms thought otherwise.  They thought it just meant dumping George Bush,  getting out of Iraq,  and maybe tweaking some reforms of medical insurance. They never saw the warning signals and signs of socialism,  – until suddenly Obama was taking over banks and auto makers and appointing Czars.

Motivation differs within individuals, and is sometimes hard to discern.  Clearly Obama and his wife,  and likely Jarrett hold life-long grudges against white America.  Both Obama and Michelle are narcissists, although she controls it most of the time even if she can barely control her temper.  Obama’s rage and racism seem to seethe just below the surface and can quickly erupt. 

PelosiYOUNGpelosiThis also seems to be the case with Pelosi.  Her rage trigger may be quicker because of underlying insecurity.  This is aggravated because she always relied on her looks, – and time is being increasingly cruel.  Emanuel, Axelrod, Jarrett and Soros are the cool-headed behind-the-scenes puppet masters who program Obama on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. One can only speculate at the tensions between Obama and Michelle with Jarrett always there – even on family vacations.

george_sorosIn recent times 79 year old Hungarian Jew George Soros has become the driving force behind the “liberal movement” in the US.   Taught by his internationalist father to speak Esperanto as a child,  he developed a hatred of George W. Bush and spent millions to defeat him in ’04.  Last year he spent $400K to get marijuana approved for private use here in Massachusetts.  He believes in tearing down the fabric of Western civilization and society, and in destroying capitalism.  Odd for a man worth $11 Billion, but he is the founder / chief architect of MoveON.org,  Air America,  the Open Society Initiative,  and a major figure behind the Tides Foundation, the SEIU, and of course, ACORN.  It is hard to look at the facts and not see Soros as the chief architect and chief puppet-master of the events of 2008 and 2009, – including the manipulation of the stock markets.  He was the money behind getting Deval Patrick elected governor in Massachusetts in 2006 – a David Axelrod test run for the Obama campaign which followed.  Anybody opposed was quickly labeled “racist”.

What do they want?  They want nothing short of the total humiliation of the USA,  – a completely redrafted Socialist Constitution,  the end of the US Dollar as currency, the end of our military might and dominance in world affairs,  and totally open borders – everywhere.  Yes, their ambitions are world-wide,  – they just start here.   Their first steps were those massive spending bills designed to cripple and then collapse our economy,  and make our people desperate enough to agree to Obama’s socialist demands – just as the Germans agreed to give Hitler complete control.

How do you fight back?  This blog is merely a humble starting place;  please share us with your friends.  The 9/12 show of force in DC this weekend was an excellent example of building a cohesive resistance movement.  But you cannot rely on others to save your country for you.  Everyone must become active,  and don’t let anybody shut you up by calling you a “racist”.   You must engage the idiots and well-meaning moonbats who elected Obama and opened this socialist Pandora’s Box.  Come the 2010 mid-terms, the socialists must be swept out of Congress!  Then in 2012,  Obama must go!  In 2013 we can bring the gang up on charges, – to include treason.

Will you meekly give in to Soros and Obama,  – or will you fight back?

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Our Treasonous Gang of Socialists”

  1. MemyselfandI

    You are so right. The ACORNits and unionists have loved him forever, but it was suburban soccer moms, driving around with the “HOPE” and Che Guevera-esque photos of Obummer, and even a friend of mine who walked around Chicago with a photo of him on her T-shirt — THESE are the people who need to WAKE UP! before it’s too late!!

  2. Laurence A. Kelly

    What a load of crap.

  3. v.v.

    Is that Michelle Obama or Chewbacca?

  4. B Howell

    Michelle and Obama are lawyers that never practiced law. They both have taken themselves, voluntarily, off the active list. Lots of money, big paychecks, book deals.

    Nancy Pelosi, daughter of a rich, corrupt mayor, married to a very rich man. Remember, she was the one who took Samoa off the list for the increase in minimum wage. Her husband has stock in Starkist Tuna. Guess where Starkist is processed.

    George Soros was born in communist Hungary where each according to his need and each according to his ability was the rule. BTW, his money is off shore.

    I’ve talked with a few people who try not to admit they were fooled. They thought that John McCain looked tired and old and that BHO looked fresh.

    Remember the stimulus money will start kicking in just before the elections. This will show everyone just how nice, kind and thoughtful BHO is.

    Don’t be fooled! Fool my once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.