Our Republic Lays Badly Wounded Today

Posted July 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nations and civilizations never remain static. They either grow, prosper, and get stronger,…or they begin to wither, fade, and are eventually overrun. We were made weaker yesterday,  – by the very people entrusted to keep us free, proud, righteous, and strong.
Toadies Lynch and Comey
…establish Justice…”  Our Founders were perfectly clear on that point.  What have these toadies done…?

We were led to the slaughter like a bunch sheep.  Over and over we were told that James Comey – the Director of the FBI – “is a man of unflinching integrity, – impervious to political pressure”.

He isn’t.   He’ drunk deeply of the Potomac Water – that aphrodisiac of power and position which befalls most who come to Washington.

The things we the People entrusted to his care – Justice, equal enforcement, impartiality, integrity of the process,…all lay at the base of his lectern in the Hoover Building by 12:30 PM – and he’d already departed the stage.

He’ll never be the same man again.

But neither too may be our Young Republic….

Queen Hillary with toadiesIt would seem that the cause of Feminism – that burning need cherished by so many American women to see Queen Hillary crowned Empress of the Realm….has caused a man once known for his ‘unflinching integrity’ – to willingly turn himself into just another Clinton Cartel Toady

The already wobbly reputation of the FBI crumbled with Comey’s honor.

This morning it would seem that the only thing our FBI can handle is the sanctioned murder of western ranchers….

It should now be crystal clear to Americans that our so-called laws and rules do not apply to the Clinton Family.

Whether it is cattle futures, land deals in Arkansas, presidential pardons of scam artists and drug dealers,  blow jobs in the Oval Office,  arms smuggling to drug cartels and Al Qaeda,  arm-twisting huge political donations from Arab potentates,  or lying to the FBI, – – the operative words are:

“What difference does it make?”

If Black Americans have long believed they received unequal treatment by police and our legal system, – that young Black men were imprisoned far more often and far longer that whites,….

…then these past 7½ years under Obama and his Attorneys General Holder and Lynch have delivered a measure of ‘payback’,…and that was clearly their intent.

Thugs like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddy Gray were turned into heroic victims, – while law-abiding citizens and hard-working honest cops were vilified, – and often put on trial.  The trials of the Baltimore cops continue – even after three unanimous acquittals….

Last week Loretta Lynch violated every cannon of legal ethics by having a private meeting with Bill Clinton – the husband of a woman being investigated, – and the likely target of a second parallel investigation of their political slush fund.

This morning it’s abundantly clear that if Comey can not recommend prosecution for Hillary’s mishandling of TOP SECRET emails, – he’s not going to charge anybody with international money-laundering….

Clinton get out of jail card

Once again the Get-Out-Of-Jail-Card says CLINTON on it.

My beloved Young Republic lies wounded and bleeding this morning,  – while Obama and the Clintons are laughing their asses off.

Victory Lap

Those women who’ve wait all their lives to vote for a woman president are breathing a huge sigh of relief – not understanding that to elect this particular woman – justice and honor have been sacrificed.

How very sad – and very odd – that with 74,000,000 American women of legal age to be president, America’s Democrats have fixated themselves on this one homicidal career corruptocrat, – the one married to lying priapic…

Chinese Warlord

The two of them make the ancient Chinese warlords look like pillars of dignity by comparison.

The deepest wound my country suffered yesterday was that so many of our citizens either don’t ‘get it’, – or worse, – have long ago given up on honest government, – and accept Comey’s betrayal with barely a shrug.

It shows how long this battle by the progressive anything-goes left has been waged against Christian values and Constitutional principles….. We are well down that slippery slope into the swamp.

Only a massive uprising of outraged Americans flooding the polls this November can save our country.

Give Hillary 8 years in the White House – followed by 8 years of Michelle Obama,…and there won’t be a nation left to fight for.

Hillary and Michelle evil sisterhood

All the never-Trump idiots out there should ponder that…..

3 Responses to “Our Republic Lays Badly Wounded Today”

  1. Jim

    These are sad and disappointing times. When one family can exert such influence over the highest levels of government, we have approached the status of tin-horn dictatorship. The shameless Clintons are increasingly emboldened by seeing their illegal actions get ignored.


  2. Sherox

    Lynch had the moral obligation to recuse herself from anything to do with HRC’s investigation since she was originally nominated by Bill Clinton.

  3. Hunter556

    Sadly this is now in the hands of the BAR Assoc and the voters. I won’t be holding my breath.