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Posted October 10th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans,


Promises I watched Obama’s speech to the Human Rights Campaign – the Nation’s largest and most respected [some would say most vociferous] Gay Rights group.  At the start he looked uncomfortable, and the crowd appeared skeptical at best.  But they cheered,   because they see Obama as their last best hope.

HRC Logo

HRC Logo

 This has been a difficult eight months for the group because Obama had given them all the clues, all the right words, all the winks and nods during his campaign that he would be their champion.  Either by clever campaign ruse or by whispered rumor many believed that Obama had experimented with gay sex himself.  So gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered voters voted almost en masse for Obama.  They expected immediate payback,  to wit they wanted an executive order overturning “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell” in the military,  and perhaps another executive order giving gay couples equal recognition in all areas of the law and in life.

And ~ maybe ~ their MEssiah actually wanted to do it.  But wanting and the law are two different things.  And Obama’s biggest and most pressing issue was and is the destruction of our free-enterprise capitalist society by running up our debt, monetizing it,  and bankrupting our government to create the climate of panic and desperation necessary for him to declare us a socialist or Marxist state.   He’ been using ObamaCare as the smoke screen to cover the financial chaos he is creating.  Gay Rights or a Rainbow Amendment have been the last things on his mind.

Czar Kevin

Czar Kevin

Even hiring openly gay NAMBLA fan Kevin Jenkins as his “Safe Schools Czar” wasn’t enough to keep the HRC quiet.  They came to Washington and very publicly called Obama out.   Thus his speech to [quiet] them tonight.   He looked nervous and ill at ease at first,  but relied on his tried-and-proven charm and flashed a lot of ivory.  And piece-by-piece he fed them the red meat they wanted,  – until near the end some of them were remaining on their feet.  He promised them legislation on gay marriage and on Gays in the military.  They cheered. 

But for either to happen,  Obama is going to have to get legislation through the 111th Congress.   The 435 members of the House and a third of the Senate are up for re-election in less that 13 months.  The town hall meetings they held this past August came as a rude shock to them.   The voters are not happy [make that outraged] at what they’ve been doing with ObamaCare, – many Representatives will be unwilling to anger their voters further.  So it doesn’t matter what’s right, or fair, or just, – Obama made his prime-time speech tonight [he didn’t take his wife and family] and made promises he knows are not his to deliver upon.   As a young soldier I learned the common term for this was that “he let his mouth overload his ass”.

So our Prized PrezZero is a busy man.  He has to plan his Nobel acceptance speech, – come up with an Afghanistan Plan and the troops to make it work,  – herd the cats in Congress for his ObamaCare Showcase Law,  keep running to the defense of his 38+ Czars,   keep looking over his shoulder at Hillary,   keep Biden muzzled,  and still find time for a little hoop.   And on top of all that there is the pressing issue of HIS first Thanksgiving and first Christmas in the White House.  And now the late-night comedians have decided that he is no longer a protected species.  SNL took their second shot at him tonight.  I think he’s in for a long winter. 

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

POSTSCRIPT:   It would seem that not all the HRC folks were mollified by Our Prizewinner’s charm.  Sunday morning thousands took to the streets.  Gee, is that Olde Obama Charm wearing thin?
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