Our President Is Keeping His Promises!

Posted March 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Our economy added 313,000 jobs last month,  the NorK runt wants to talk,  and we at last have a President who understands the basics of Sovereignty and National Power.  Our manufacturing base must be strong.

The globalists are wringing their hands,  but Trump is going about making America Great again.

When Nixon went to China in 1972,  he “opened the door to trade”

Oh yes he did,  – but it quickly became one-sided trade.  Sadly many US corporate leaders only looked at quarterly statements and their year-end bonus packages,  – not at what was best for America over the long haul.  And the Chinese kept smiling.

The Chinese had one thing in abundance they could trade – human labor – by the hundreds of millions.  We supplied the machinery,  – they supplied the very cheap labor,  and soon American stores were filled with ‘pretty good’ quality merchandise (mostly clothing at first) at deliciously low prices.

Oh, and the toys in McDonald’s Kids Meals…

As the money flowed back to China – they invested in heavy manufacturing – steel mills,  aluminum refineries,  rolling mills,  and then automotive manufacturing.


Whole new industries were born – like the automotive aftermarket.

Little-by-little between outrageous Union Demands here,  and cheap Made-in-China clothes in our malls, – American textile plants went out of business.  If you live in New England – check the empty / converted mills along the Merrimack River.

Democrats didn’t seem to notice – or didn’t grasp the significance of America’s steel mills closing.

Always thinking as far as the next election,  Dems promised unemployed factory workers extended unemployment benefits – if they would just vote Democrat.  Hungry and scared, the workers complied,  – cycle after cycle.

By the 1990s, China was rebuilding their military with new (or copied) equipment,  and beginning to have a space program.  People who watch and understood that Mao had just let 60 million people starve to death, – while forcing women to abort their second baby,  – also understood the ruthless drive toward regional domination that was pushing the Chinese agenda – on all fronts.

Their only shortages were key minerals, food,  and fuel.

Then the Chinese discovered Eastern Africa – and began major investments in undermining existing governments, – while bribing others.  Everything they need they can find today in Africa,  – in Iran,  in Brazil, Venezuela and Cuba.

Like the British in the 16th 17th, and 18th Centuries, – they understand that if their future domination of their region depends on being a manufacturing giant – THE manufacturing giant – then they must protect both their overseas sources, and the sea lanes those materials must come by.

So they’re building a massive new blue-water navy. They’re building naval and air bases in far-flung places – like Djibouti. And for the 8 years he was in office – Obama smiled and silently applauded.

Today when your front wheel bearings need replacement at around 22K miles – you’re offered a choice of “New Parts” or “Aftermarket Parts”.…and the difference is several hundred dollars.  So you go with aftermarket…..and for awhile the car rides like new again….for 18K or another 22K miles – if you’re lucky.

The issue is low-quality steel – where God-knows-what got tossed into the Chinese blast furnace and melted to make new steel.

Then whether it’s shipped to the USA as steel beams, – as pipes,  – or as aftermarket wheel bearings for your Chevy, – or for an M1 Tank,  – the Chinese get paid,  – and are assured you’ll need two new bearings in another 18K miles.

US Steel Mills are closed….we cannot defend ourselves.  We’re no longer the mighty 1942 Arsenal of Democracy;….we’ve become sitting ducks!

Rebuilding our most basic industries won’t happen overnight, – it took decades of benign neglect to shutter them.  It will take more that Trump’s first term to get them going again.

But yesterday’s signing of tariffs on imports is the START SWITCH that private industry needs to make the initial investment.

The markets seem to understand, – and approve.

9 Responses to “Our President Is Keeping His Promises!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Excellent historical summary, Mike.

    Using helpless, starving peasants to make anything exportable with slave labor “costs,” China garnered the currency to invest in massive manufacturing facilities such as metals. Along the way 60 Chinese million died while the rest survived on digging up roots, rice and insects to stay alive.

    While our steel and metals manufacturing laborers didn’t die, they lost their income and their communities became dying rust-belt slums.

    So yes, Trump points out how we’ve been exploited for decades in the name of “free trade” which the elites applauded from the economics university lounges.

    Time for change — to make AMERICA GREAT not the rest of the world.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  2. mark

    Chinese steel is garbage. -Mark

  3. Walter Knight

    If we are to spend a trillion dollars on national infrastructure upgrades, let it be with American steel.

  4. Jim Buba

    No points missing, though the real devil is in the theft of proprietary and secret data. For every plant designed and filled by U.S. companies under Clinton, four to six others were built on the other side of the mountain.

    Just as the original factory was about to send production to market, the other four to six were pumping out knock-offs at half the price.

    Then, to make matters worse, the Chinese tried jacking prices for sub-standard to U.S. levels… for crap.

  5. Jim Buba

    Oh, I almost forgot. The Left is bitching about the potential to lose 147,000 jobs to tariffs.

    Amazing. Not one peep while losing 147,000 per hour under what’s-his-name.

  6. Arnold g.

    It’s funny that the one thing missing in these arguments about slamming companies who make stuff in China, but I don’t hear nothing about what the Trump family makes over there and abroad. So my question is if the tax bill is so great how come we don’t hear about their family bringing back their business to the USA. I mean really before the excuse was corporate tax. What’s the excuse now you wanna make America great again lead by example bring your companies back and all others will follow.

    You ~ almost ~ have a valid point. The things the Trump enterprises sell are high-end clothing, not steel.

  7. Arnold g.

    Although my comment was about the Trump family business’s not bringing the said businesses back to USA since the corporate tax laws has been adjusted, I said it because the headline was “our president is keeping his promises”. The 3rd paragraph down or so starts talking bout Chinese labor being abundant and how pretty soon USA stores were lined with there clothing. So that was talked about not just steel. Good try to whomever was trying to correct. Let me add something you do know that at least 2 of trumps last 3 construction projects,las Vegas hotel and hotel in Chicago Trump opted to get his Steele from Chinese manufacturers and not the American workers steel from Ohio,Michigan,or Pennsylvania. Guess he can’t lead by example.

  8. Arnold g.

    By the way it sounds like your praising his cloths that gets made in foreign countries makes me wonder how much you really care about making America great when you praise his clothing line as high end when they are made by foreign hands not America hands.


    You’re starting to seem like a TROLL. If you dislike or hate Trump – just say so – with a short reason or two. If you don’t like this blog – say that.

    For future postings use a legitimate email address.

  9. Arnold g

    Sorry no trolls here just a middle class American in Texas. Since when is gmail not a legitimate email address. Look I don’t side with the left or right I do admit to siding with facts.I respect your site everyone has a right to an opinion. Sorry that I only have a gmail address.