Our Japanese Financial Tsunami

Posted March 15th, 2011 by Iron Mike

It may drown you – soon.

Your pResident doesn’t care.  Well, actually he does, because it will speed up his plan to bankrupt our country and install a socialist economy by executive fiat.

Here are the pieces of the puzzle:


Japan’s banks own some 20% of our outstanding debt [treasury bonds].  Now with devastation greater than struck our own Gulf Coast during Hurricane Katrina, – they need cash to pay for rebuilding.  A LOT of cash.  Quickly.

They’ll need to dump our bonds onto the international market.  But who will buy them?

China will buy some – using our money.  We may buy back some – using “printed” money, or even gold from Fort Knox.  

US trade to Japan is likely to fall.  They have more urgent things to buy than American goods right now, – including replacement for three GE-built reactors.

As manufacturers and the travel industry realize that Japanese dollars are staying in Japan for the next year or two,  layoffs and higher unemployment seems inevitable.

Just as our nuclear power industry was getting a 21st Century rebirth; – three Japanese reactors fail.  You can bet your life that American’s anti-nuke activists are salivating.  This spring and summer there will be renewed protests at reactor construction sites and state capitols.  The anti- crowd LOVES to get out in the sun “keeping you safe from harmful radiation”, don’t you know.  

All that’s needed now is a major disruption of Middle Eastern oil to push the USA into double-digit unemployment.  

With the price of gas and diesel reaching $4.oo this spring, crops may not get planted.  If it reaches $5.oo this fall, they may not get harvested.  Plant a garden as soon as the snow is gone.

You think for a moment that Obama will authorize resumed drilling in the Gulf, – on the North Slope, or in the Bakkan fields?  Yeah, right!  He wants your energy $$$ going overseas – spreading your wealth around.

Obama could not have anticipated the wave of revolution sweeping the Islamic states, any more than he could have predicted the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.  But in his twisted anti-American mind, – he won’t let this crisis go to waste.

Anybody want to bet that in this moment of Japanese weakness, both China and Russia will make moves?  Think Obama will care?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

One Response to “Our Japanese Financial Tsunami”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Do you think that George Soros has his speculating hands in the Japanese financial crisis? You bet he does. Is Obama concerned? Today he is tapping his bracket picks to be televised on ESPN on Wednesday. Must see TV, don’t miss it. Where will Obama be this weekend? He is heading off to Rio, a week late for Mardi Gras, but who cares, the press will love every minute of it.
    Great idea, plant those Victory over Socialism gardens when the snow melts and the earth dries out. Get those sugar snap peas in the ground first for harvest by the 4th of July.