Our Fearless 2012 Predictions

Posted January 1st, 2012 by Iron Mike

The Iowa Caucus and the early primaries will prove to have been pushed too early – and voter fatigue will set in by May.

The GOP convention will nominate the candidate the party insiders want, whether or not it matches up with the results of the sundry primaries.

If the GOP nominates Romney they will add Condi Rice as the VP nominee to curry favor with Blacks.

Most ‘Democrats’ will conveniently forget the past three years of economic decline and skyrocketing national debt and will again rally-round Obama – flinging cries of ‘racism’ at any who point out the facts.

Biden will have a ‘health problem’ – conveniently in time for Hillary to join the Obama Ticket. Once again Lurch will be left outside the inner circle.

At least one White House employee or Secret Service agent will resign, and write a book revealing lots of ‘stuff’ about the Obamas – just in time for the Democratic Primary.

Despite massive funding, the 2012 Democratic Primary will be a vapor image of Denver 2008. Real enthusiasm will be replaced by robot-like crowds reacting on cue.

With time running out Deval Patrick and John Olver likely to be appointed as ambassadors somewhere. Olver may just get a judgeship.

Occupy Everywhere will return with a vengeance – as soon as school finals are over. The hard-core cadres will attempt to close bridges, interstates, ports and airports. The media will again fawn over them. In a number of inner cities – an ugly racial overtone will be ignored.

Obama will ask for a debt ceiling increase three times before November – each time for over a Trillion dollars. He will accuse the Republicans and the TEA Parties of being stubborn and mean spirited.

Between Fast & Furious, suing states over immigration, and lingering questions about his role in Oklahoma City – Eric Holder will resign – and be granted Presidential Immunity.

Wisconsin will be a political zoo this summer as unions attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker and regain ‘union power’.

Obama will focus his campaign against Congress, not necessarily the GOP nominee, leveraging the public’s distrust of that body.

Non-Tea Party Congressmen up for re-election, will suddenly “discover” TP principles and take part in “show votes” to show their sudden “seeing the light”.


Greece will be forced out of the EU – and spend most of next spring and summer engulfed in riots.

China will come to the rescue of the Euro.

Talks will heighten in the UK showing gaining support for withdrawing from the EU Zone… the UK is uniquely positioned to do this since they never adopted the Euro.

German citizens will riot in the streets to protest their unfair support of other EU countries who are unable to control their spending.

In desperation, many European countries will lower their prices to encourage a swarm of American tourists. Many Americans, sick of political commercials on TV – will gladly go to get away.


The Russians – at least those in Moscow – will reject Putin. In the chaos Russian support for Iran will be distracted and delayed. Unless Russia chooses to take more and more money from Iran in return for nuclear support (design and/or materiel).

Middle East:

The Straits of Hormuz will become an even hotter zone as shipping is squeezed. As military muscle is exerted to support free shipping, tensions will mount and small military events will occur, forcing a greater military show of support by NATO.  Obama will take part in this in order to avoid “direct US involvement”.

Syria will continue to smolder over the winter – will explode in nation-wide rioting come springtime. Bashar Al-Assad will be killed or forced from office, and the Hezbollah in Lebanon will take over a big part of the country.

Egypt will be fully under control of the Muslim Brotherhood by springtime. Israel-bound vessels will be denied use of the Suez Canal.  Obama will fail to react.

Muslims in Egypt will begin what amounts to a pogrom – or ethnic cleansing – of Coptic Christians. Obama will again look inept, helpless, and do nothing.

Iran will declare sovereignty over a big chunk of Eastern Iraq – and again Obama and the Western Powers will do nothing.

Iranian leaders will continually ‘stir the pot’ to keep their unhappy population of 75 million distracted and focused on ‘the Great Satan’. They will attempt to secure ‘rights’ to the Western tip of Hormuz – the piece owned by Oman. This constant saber-rattling in the area will keep the price of fuel elevated here in the USA. In response Obama will continually talk about ‘green technologies’, – and do nothing.

In an effort to suppress internal descent AND taunt the West, Iran will hang, behead, and stone several people despite world-wide outcry.


The Chinese Navy will begin a series of exercises aimed at Taiwan – and will warn the US Navy to ‘stay away’. Obama will order our navy to comply. The Chinese plan would logically conclude with an invasion of Taiwan after our election if Obama loses. If Ron Paul wins, they’d be safer to wait until January 20th 2013; – he doesn’t know where Taiwan is.

North Korea:

As North Korea destabilizes, China will become even more involved in its economy. China will step up food aid and military aid in return for more power over the populace. In addition to the above, China will encourage the Norks to conduct even more provoking military exercises off the coast of South Korea. They will encourage the Norks to taunt the US military.  Look for flyovers, artillery shellings, missile launches, and attacks against shipping and fishing boats.


Obama will continue to ignore the genocide occurring in his home continent. While Africans continue to die, Obama will look elsewhere.


Both Castro and Hugo Chavez are slowly dying of cancer. A destabilized Cuba could produce a flood of refugees across that narrow 90-mile stretch of ocean, and overwhelm resources in South Florida. We guarantee you the Obama administration is unprepared.

Mexican Border:

Drug smuggling, illegal immigration, and the cartel wars will continue with ZERO interference from Obama. We can only hope that John Roberts and the Supremes toss the Eric Holder lawsuits against the border states.

Islamic Terrorism:

There will be a continued drumbeat of terrorism around the world. By summertime the 9/11 conspirators will STILL be awaiting trial in Guantanamo.

* * * * * * * *

We hope we’re wrong about all of our predictions. We pray we are!

/s/ Iron Mike and The Rabid Republican

3 Responses to “Our Fearless 2012 Predictions”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    Outstanding Iron Mike and rr, you are right on. In addition, I predict that the Occupy Everywhere Crowd will have a large orchestrated presence at both the DNC and RNC conventions in Charlotte and Tampa, respectively, and riots may ensue which may well require the declaration of martial law.

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  3. Walter Knight

    I predict Obama will finally figure out there are only 50 states, but Biden will still be trying to help the fired cattle guards.