Our Elderly MUST Vote This November!

Posted October 19th, 2010 by Iron Mike

BHO Jr. is pResident for several unfortunate reasons. Forty-plus years of ‘socialization’ in our school systems conditioned two generations of voters to look at a black man and think “it’s his turn“.  George Soros pumped in as much as a billion dollars while ACORN registered an easy 1 million new and mainly black voters who believed they’d be getting ‘reparations’ from their new president.

McCain ran a lackluster campaign trying to drive down the middle of the road. To the frail and the elderly, he wasn’t worth the effort of leaving the warmth and comfort of their homes.  They didn’t believe that Obama could be as bad as some of us were telling them. Without their reliable conservative votes, McCain and the Republicans running for Congress lost – narrowly.

So on November 2nd,  our “Greatest Generation” must brave the elements and vote in massive numbers, – to once again save our country from international socialism.

Make no mistake Americans, despite the widespread citizen anger at Obama, ObamaCare, bailouts, government takeovers, massive debt, 10+% unemployment, 37 czars, apology tours and expensive vacations, and a justice department which is turning Arizona into a drug and migration super highway, the odds of a Republican or a Constitutionalist victory on November 2nd are still slim.

– A significant minority of residents here have become fully “socialized” into believing that every problem in their lives is a mandate for government action and government solutions. They are totally comfortable being wards of the State. This includes a goodly chunk of welfare recipients, government employees, and educators – at all levels.

– There is also a highly visible hard core cadre of international socialists living among us. Many are educators, many more work in the mid-echelons of state and federal government, and for various “charities”.

While no longer as powerful in numbers as they were in the 1950s, modern labor unions represent a well-organized, aggressive, and ruthless political force. Yes, their rank and file members may be patriotic Americans, but their leadership is almost totally internationalist socialist.

College kids are a mixed bag. Many have awoken and realized that Obama is a bad hangover. But others are still full of one-world idealism and still have their heads buried up his ^ss . . . They have no clue about how wealth is created or money is made [doesn’t the government just print it?], they buy into the bull of Wall Street and Big Business being evil and Obama/Pelosi/Reid/Al Gore being saviors. Their professors are telling them how to vote.

All of this means that every elderly voter who stayed home in 2008 must come out and vote conservative on November 2nd.  Scour your neighborhoods.  If there are elderly people living near you – please contact them ASAP, and make sure they have a ride to the polls. You will do more good giving a half-dozen elderly voters rides than you will by holding a sign all day.

Any who tell you the Republican candidates seem little if any better than the Dems, – just tell them that while that may be true in a particular race here and there,  collectively they are a far better lot than Pelosi’s Pack of Progressive Plunderers.

Should they tell you they “always vote Democrat“, tell them this year because of the heavy turnout – Democrats will be voting on Wednesday!

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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