Our Eighth Year Begins With A Prayer

Posted April 3rd, 2016 by Iron Mike

DEAR LORD,  please grant that a year from today we have been delivered from the crushing stupidity of America’s grubbing class of lazy welfare peasants and the leaching Democrats who keep them enslaved!
Slave Auction Obama
Our nation, – which in my lifetime liberated over 100 million souls from dictators and oppression, – should not continue to be the taxpayer-funded fiefdom of these Democrat race-pimp hucksters!

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

LORD,  may we have an end of race-pimps blaming police departments for the crimes committed by young people who have no economic opportunity – because Democrats chased away the jobs….

200 years new slave masters

LORD, please help the average American – particularly our young people, – come to understand History, – and to understand the hundreds of years of trade in human beings conducted by Muslims and Democrats,…which in new ways is still going on.

Al Sharpton slaves

…and may we see an end to the media abdicating their 1st Amendment responsibility to accurately report the news,  – and an end of their shielding and covering for Democrats and race-baiters….

Jesse Jackson cotton pickers

LORD,…our ‘Republican’ ranks have been infiltrated with agents of the Devil – cowards, RiNOs, and fake republicans,…all with the intention of removing your word from our daily lives. 

PLEASE help us to expose them,  and change their slimy hearts.


Because if Christianity is to survive,  we have a huge enemy to face down, and their agents are amongst us too….

Muslims and Shariah

And LORDTHANK YOU for Jim and Sue – and for the start of RRB seven years ago today!

7 Responses to “Our Eighth Year Begins With A Prayer”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Thanks for the truth — again — Mike. Hopefully the people who read you and know the truth will forward it our to the low information types who don’t know how badly their voting choices have treated them.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Florida Conservative

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, we reverently pray that the good Lord above, in his infinite mercy, will kindly on us patriot sinners, RRB, and all those other voices that have been crying in the Widerness to make ready the way of the Lord to restore our Constitutional Republic and wrest it from the hands of the liberals, progressives, socialists, Islamofascists and evil doers. We pray!

  3. John Pagel

    may you have 8+8+8 plus more years of productive work.

  4. Muriel McGrann

    well said with daily prayers

  5. Ralphie boy


    Thank you for the many years (two terms)
    of exposing the real enemy within. Many of
    us expect extended terms of RRB due to the
    Quality of content and for taking the time
    and thought informing your readership.

    Thanks a million Mike. God bless this country.


  6. Blossom Stiefel

    It seems like our best hope to save our country is our prayers!

    Obama and his Administration have constructed an Islam of their very own, a beautiful “religion of peace”. This political correctness over common sense and reality is destroying our world.

    Silence and inactivity by the American people will give us the same nightmare that citizens all over the world are experiencing. This November, please vote for the people who will protect our country, our Constitution and our way of life. Spread the message, it is absolutely urgent for all of us.

    Thanks Mike for the tireless work that you do every day to protect our country. God bless you and God bless America.

  7. LeoThe Lion4

    Great photo spread, Iron Mike!

    Congratulations on a job well done and keep fighting those who enslave us.

    A Republican who wants to be an incumbent is no better than a Democrat who already is.