Our Domestic Enemies: 2 Videos

Posted August 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Back in 2007,  I felt like a voice in the wilderness warning Americans that Obama and other prominent “Democrats” were in fact full-blown socialists,  – trying desperately to hide their true beliefs and goals.

Now the TRUTH is coming out – some of them are even bragging.  Too many of our young people have bought into it.  The fact that these speakers are misinformed and delusional doesn’t matter;  – they are working from within to bring down our Republic.  Trump bought us a little time, – please don’t waste it!

FUNNY:  These “Democratic Socialists” are so utterly lacking in historical knowledge that they don’t realize that as teachers and organizers, – if their dream ever came to be,  – they’d be among the first people rounded up and shot!

Now the 2nd Video:

This video is 26 months old (from 2017).  Watch a little and you’ll quickly understand how Ilhan Omar was elected to Congress.  This huge mall is inside her district – which is most of Minneapolis.

Remember that for 8 long years under Obama,  Hillary and then Kerry had a huge operation to bring in tens, – then hundreds of thousands of unvetted Muslims “refugees” and seed them into key districts.  This is one of the results.

If Americans don’t wise up quickly,  your children and grandchildren will have to be playing Cowboys and Muslims – with real bullets!

One Response to “Our Domestic Enemies: 2 Videos”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    That first speaker, con artist and embedded BLM activist Khalid Kamau, has a well thought plan to use the legal system of our cities and towns, states and federal government, to suicide” our communities and country.

    We may not think we’re at war with them, but THEY are already at war with us! Republicans, are you listening?