Our DOJ & FBI: Bunglegators!

Posted April 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

The list of crimes they’ve BLOWN – and COVERED UP,  – grows longer every day.

Meanwhile,  under both past and now current leadership,  – BOTH agencies seem to have been weaponized to protect the Clintons,  to protect Obama,  and to derail Trump’s presidency.  Today the tactic seems to be to stall,  – hoping for a big Democrat win in November,  – i.e. taking back the House and thus ending all investigations of Clinton wrongdoing.  Terrorism?  What terrorism? 

It churns my guts to post this,  but it appears that the upper ranks of both the FBI and DOJ are totally dirty,  totally political,  and treasonous.   With the Propaganda Ministry diverting attention to the antics of porn stars and Meghan Markle,  they may just get away with their coup.

The list of ignored and bungled FBI investigations in mind-boggling, – as is the nagging possibility of so-called ‘false flag’ events.

But when certain horrific events like Sandy Hook and the Vegas Massacre are not explained – when the public isn’t shown the evidence, – and when schools get bulldozed….what are we to conclude…?

Despite two dead American agents the FBI couldn’t (wouldn’t under Mueller) trace Fast & Furious back to Hillary and Obama?

Despite 4 dead Americans the FBI couldn’t tell us about the arms-smuggling out of Benghazi – run like a rank amateur by Hillary – to ARM ISIS…?  Mueller again.

Somehow the FBI lost track of the Tsarnaev brothers…?

And then Omar Mateen…?  And Nikolas Cruz…?

We have thousands of MS-13 goons killing people with machetes – dumping dismembered bodies in plain sight,  – and the FBI doesn’t even have a team helping hunt them down…?

Nobody at the FBI investigated the Clinton Global Initiative (full of Arab $$$)(Mueller’s cover-up), – or the Clinton private server (aka Comey’s Cover-up), or the so-called ‘hacked’ DNC Server (i.e. Seth Rich’s murder).

This CRAP has been going on for years – decades!  You really think Vince Foster committed suicide?  You really think Antonin Scalia died in his sleep?

While Trump tries to rebuild American Military Power and take our economy back from the Chicoms,  we have two former heads of the FBI doing their best to distract the American Public from the TRUTH:

Mueller couldn’t find any Russians under Trump’s bed – so now he’s looking in Stormy Daniels’ bed – because Democrats KNOW Americans will follow any PORN STAR STORY…..

And Comey is walking around like a 6′ 8” “VICTIM of that mean Donald Trump”,  – who fired him….   All he needs is a pink pussy hat….

Folks,  – the Propaganda Ministry won’t even touch this story.

YOU have to become the new media.

BTW,  – watching all this from across the Pacific,  – who do you think the Chicoms are rooting for…?

3 Responses to “Our DOJ & FBI: Bunglegators!”

  1. Varvara

    1. Benghazi The FBI tried to indicate Kris “Tanto” Paranto in a case of over-zealous questioning. Didn’t work.

    2. 0bama and the hot mic has FBI fingerprints.

    3. 0bama and Comey applauding Mueller who is holding up his hand in a very modest fashion. Be careful you don’t step in the scata. (that’s Greek for smelly stuff)

    4. Yes, China has been bleeding us dry and so has Iran, with the help of HRC.

  2. Panther 6

    So many crooks, so little time and so little courage to bring all these criminals to justice. What has happened to the good old, I love the USA let’s get this feces field cleaned up. Seems the bad folks are occupying all the places of power and only care abut themselves. Truly this needs to be fixed for our grand kids.

  3. Leonard Mead


    Why do you think Trump is waiting so long before cleaning house at both the FBI and “Justice” departments?

    Yes, building the wall is the last major campaign promise to be implemented.

    But this corruption surly needs his swift action, it seems.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative


    LOSERS always turn on each other….i.e. McCabe and Comey calling each other LIARS. They’re BOTH liars and traitors….

    Trump needs enough rock-solid proof to send a half-dozen to federal prison, so I expect all hell to break lose come May…. (amid a few more ‘suicides’)….