Our Dictator’s Latest Executive Order

Posted November 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Two CeasarsLow information voters and gullible Obamaphiles will believe he’s by-passing a ‘difficult congress’ to get to work on Climate Change.

MoonBats will swoon anew…

But at RRB we’re pretty sure that even Obama doesn’t think he can change the weather or hold back the tides.  

But by Executive Order he wants to ‘prepare us’.   It’s a little like ObamaCare,…you get to bend over….

What he CAN DO,…is use his executive order powers [thus far unchallenged by either Congress or by lawsuit] to funnel money to voting blocs he needs to shore up. Like union construction workers and municipal and state employees.

The Devil [the Dictator] is in the DETAILS:

Remember when the Defense Department declared that Climate Change was the most significant threat to the USA? Remember when Congress passed a military spending budget that included those words?  GOTCHA!

Now Obama can legally take executive action to fight / mitigate Climate Change – under his authority as Commander-in-Chief.  How’s that for ‘Change’?
Mussolini Obama

roads and bridgesSo he’ll be awarding massive no-bid contracts [always through the filters of the States or the Transportation Department] for ginormous construction projects – always involving the Democrats favorite projects – ‘roads and bridges’.

Tax $$ At WorkWhy ‘roads and bridges’? 

Because the work is always highly visible, they can post huge signs about ‘Your Tax Dollars at Work’, and it’s easy to hide the graft, the payoffs, and the sub-par cement and steel.

Remember the original $7 billion price tag for Boston’s Big Dig? Try $24 Billionand it leaks.

Got Em ScaredYou know the high-level task force he’s creating is a fraud just by the first two members: California’s socialist Governor Jerry ‘MoonBeam’ Brown, and Hawaii’s Governor Neil Abercrombie the guy who sealed all the hospital records surrounding Obama’s birth. Research the rest here.

The 113th Congress will be gutless about trying to stop this, – so a citizen lawsuit is the only way – short of impeachment.

As for ‘Climate Change’…where were the hurricanes this year?

4 Responses to “Our Dictator’s Latest Executive Order”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Roads and bridges……yep. That’s why the sink holes in Route 1 a few years ago, and why the road construction season is what I can summer. How about some real improvement for our schools? Like getting rid of common core, the teacher’s unions, the department of Education? “Oh, no…….We can’t POSSIBLY do THAT!” If we did, our kids might learn that the dear leader isn’t God, and our country might raise up some new entrepreneurs and inventors. Then we wouldn’t be dependent on China and the middle east. That would be terrible!

  2. Tom

    The question is why is there silence from the House were articles of impeachment originate? Are they concerned that they will be vilified by the complicit media?

    These useless parasites are only thinking about their next election, they take an oath to abide by the Constitution, but their subsequent actions show that their oath is useless. Executive orders when used routinely to bypass the legislative process should be challenged.

  3. Hawk1776

    The only “change” that matters now is leadership change. Keep the House and retake the Senate in 2014. Elect a Republican President in 2016. Send Emperor Obama back to the Hawaiian golf courses.

  4. Varvara

    I always wondered who made all those large, colorful, expensive signs along the highways. Then I wondered how can I get stock/job in that company. There seems to have been an opportunity to make some big $$$. It seems to me that there were more signs than work on the highways.