Our American Republic Is Being Murdered

Posted November 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Constitutional Republic you were born into is being murdered by domestic enemies. Many of them are in your government.

When Trump won two years ago I thought Americans had finally realized how badly they’d been hoodwinked by the Obama-Clinton Crime Cartel.  Today I’m wondering if the only reason Trump won was that so many people knew Hillary and her husband were just too corrupt and loathsome.

Those races Republican lost,  – and the races they won by scant inches and whiskers,…should NEVER have been so close.  Too many Americans have lost the values which made us a great nation,  and their millennial offspring never knew the America you did.

Too many younger (under 40) Americans are determined to bring us down to the level of the Third World – out of a warped and misguided sense of ‘fairness’ – and possibly ‘White Guilt’.

To hear Democrat political leaders mocking Trump because he wants to keep 12,000 military-age Honduran ‘refugees’ out of our country is quite phenomenal.

They don’t EVEN KNOW ABOUT FDR’s effort to keep European Jews out of America – turning boatloads away – to their eventual deaths.

They don’t remember Harry Truman ordering Mexicans back to Mexico, – or Jimmy Carter refusing to let Vietnamese, Lao, and Cambodian refugees into the country.

If you ~ think ~ Democrats give a damn about 8,000 military-age Hondurans walking (and riding) up through Mexico looking for ‘asylum’,  – ask yourself why these same Democrats aren’t on the sidewalks of American cities – blocking abortion clinics.

They have ZERO interest in saving lives – or improving the lives of inner-city Black Americans. They want reliable socialist muscle – expendable political soldiers to throw against the barbed wire.

Of course the REAL Democrat (communist) leaders know the issue isn’t about a caravan of Honduran ‘refugees’; – it’s about dissolving ALL THE THINGS which make us a strong and independent nation:

family bonds
secure borders (“abolish ICE”)
one common English language
common currency (thus Bitcoins)
Judeo-Christian moral background
Anglo-Saxon legal system (Sharia law)
Invincible Military (gays / Chinese parts)

Our Third World Elections:

Today in Arizona, Florida, and Georgia Democrats are “finding” boxes full of ballots – just in time to tip (steal) the elections.  If you thought the idea of “EARLY VOTING” was intended as a convenience to our Citizens,  – once again you’ve been hoodwinked by the vote thieves.

Early voting tells them how many votes they need to ‘find’ at the schoolhouse or the fire station – two days after the election.

Democrats STEAL elections because for 100+ years they gotten away with it, – no election officials have been lynched!

Meanwhile the subversion of your Constitutional Republic continue – day-after-day.

Tonight is the 80th anniversary of Kristallnacht.

Wait until Saturday – then ask your kids / grandkids about Kristallnacht;  see if they have even a frikking CLUE what you’re talking about….

Then you’ll know exactly what an evil job your unionized public school teachers are doing to dumb-down and brainwash young Americans into being programmable voting robots – useful idiots and cannon fodder for the next Communist Revolution.

And then go to the gun store – and buy some more ammo.  Store it in several different places.

6 Responses to “Our American Republic Is Being Murdered”

  1. Varvara

    Thank you Mike.

  2. Panther 6

    The vote stealing here in FL is truly a crime. I can only hope that the GOP gets off its duff and sends lots of folks down here right now to help get this thing sorted out. Win or lose we must count the votes fairly. The lady running the Broward County Election Commission is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg.

  3. Vince

    Voting in MA is also very frustrating….I can not believe anyone would vote for Warren the fake Indian ….

  4. Leonard Mead

    Where I live in Florida, voters approved two bogus sales tax hikes raising the tax 21% — 7% supposedly so the schools could turn on their air conditioning, and 14% so downtown businesses could force unwanted surface rail systems down our throats and devote NO MONEY to upgrading, widing, or improving our roads (for 30 years!) which people want. For example, now that the Hillsborough County sales tax is 8.5% — the highest in the state — purchasers will surely be lining up to buy a $40,000 car in this county because they then can pay another $3,400 in taxes here compared with the 6% average state sales tax of $2,000 in other state counties!

    If the democrat thugs in Miami overturn the Republican Election of Senator Rick Scott and/or Governor Ron DeSantis, I’ll probably be calling the mover. Who the hell wants to put up with THIS behavior!

    Len Mead

  5. Kojack

    The congressional districts that flipped were CD’s where the DEMOCRAPS were particularly aggressive in registering more dead people and illegals to vote.

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    I am truly frightened for our country. We watched as good, honest candidates barely squeaked into office, when they were running against socialist criminal people. With early voting, finding votes in vans after voting booths had closed, no voter ID, we can look forward to more and more of this corruption. Americans are forgetting what our great country is all about.

    With the radical Muslim women that we have elected, and the socialists that we have elected, we will not be able to keep the country safe.

    I am afraid that our children and grandchildren will never know the great country that we have, if we can keep it!