Otto Warmbier: Assume The Position!

Posted March 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

That’s right smart-ass – get ready to bend over – a lot in your new home.
Otto Warmbier bend over big baby
Otto became the Poster Boy for Dumb ASS, – first by going on a trip to North Korea…the world’s most repressive state….

.and then thinking he could steal a ‘souvenir’ political banner from inside his state-run hotel…
Otto in group photo

…Just take a damned picture, Dumb Ass….

Cry Baby otto

Now you going to have 15 years of ‘souvenirs’, – if you live through your sentence…

And don’t look for Dennis Rodman to come bring you home either….


Sorry Otto Dennis isn't coming

Buck up Otto, – the first winter is always the worst….  Hey, maybe Bernie can come save you….   Nah!

UPDATE:   Tuesday, 13 June 2017   Amid another visit by former basketball freak Dennis Rodman, the NorKs are letting crybaby Warmbier go home.   BUT, for some reason he is reported to be in a coma. He may have been in a coma for a year.   Punched – or bashed his own head…?  Or tried to hang himself…?

UPDATE:    Monday 19 June 2017    Otto’s torments are over.   He is neither a martyr nor a ‘victim’,  – just one of many young Americans who grow up thinking that they know it all,  – and that “all people are the same”.

Way too late Otto learned that some people are barbarians – and others are pure evil.

If you’re reading this full of pity – save it for those truly deserving of pity – like unborn babies ripped from inside the womb.

Let Otto’s series of juvenile blunders serve as a caution to you;  – you still have days – maybe years – left to live. Don’t waste them!


Funny how much Obama didn’t give a damn about a rich white boy…

9 Responses to “Otto Warmbier: Assume The Position!”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike: I agree this lad was dumber than a bag of rocks but I do feel for him. BUT he made his bed. He is not going to have even one minute of fun me thinks.


    Sir! He is a spoiled-rotten millennial. This is one vote Bernie won’t get!



  3. Hawk1776

    Why anyone would voluntarily travel to North Korea is a mystery to me. The kid looked drugged on the news footage. He’ll have plenty of time to think things over unless Obama trades some North Korean spies for him.

  4. kojack

    Nah… trades for this useful idiot…..he’s not a muslim.

  5. Walter Knight

    I have more money than I know what do do with, so I decide to take a vacation to Europe, or Hawaii, or maybe Cabo, or Las Vegas, or, no . . . I’m going to go to North Korea because . . . why? Dennis Rodman went there? Get to hang out with the cool fat marshmellow dictator?

    Hopefully we won’t trade captured terrorists for this idiot we don’t want adding to the gene pool anyway.

  6. not a liberal

    but like…….. He didn’t mean what he said at all. obviously if you listened it was scripted, they made him say all of that or the would have probably killed him.


    Where have you been these past 15 months? You’re commenting now?

    ONE: The dumb fuck went to NORTH KOREA.

    TWO: He stole a propaganda poster in his hotel, and was caught on VIDEO doing it.

    THREE: “Justice” doesn’t matter. The NorKs only use him to PROVE that Americans are evil, corrupt, and in the end, – WEAK! He served them well. He’s not worth either your comment or your tears.

  7. Ed

    He didn’t steal anything you stupid fuck. First off he was conned into going to North Korea when he was in China by a bunch of con artists who lied to him. He’s a 22 year old naive kid. When he got there he was KIDNAPPED by the North Koreans as he was about to leave and he was accused of stealing that poster which he never did. They made a fake video of him “stealing” that poster which is ridiculous in and of itself because besides never seeing Ottos face, all the person does in the video is take it off the wall and lean it against the wall. They do this shit all the time, they trick people into going there then they are kidnapped to be used as bargaining chips. What most likely happened to him is they cut off his breathing on purpose solely to damage his brain so he couldn’t talk about what had happened to him. Why? Because in 2016 we had a fucking pussy for a President who they knew would do shit about it. Obama did shit about this kid for a year and in only 5 months Trump got him out and everybody bashes the guy while praising the shit out of the bowing pussy motherfucker Obama.

    Thanks for your Comment Ed….(well, – for most of it.)

    If Otto was TRICKED,…the question remains – why was he in China to begin with, and how naïve was he….i.e. did ALL his high school and college teachers – AND his parents fail to teach him about how the Mongolian barbarians run their impoverished kingdom…?

    The NorKs are absolute savages away from the cameras.

    May Otto serve as a warning to the rest of the Millennial Know-it-Alls….

    And you’re right that Obama is a worthless pussy!

  8. Dick Lescallett

    What a disgusting blog. Reading your vile comments about Otto Warbier is truly sickening. Burn in Hell assholes.


    Your rant would be more credible if you’d spelled Otto’s last name correctly.

  9. Cindy

    You people are sick…to be tortured and put into a coma over a simple piece of paper is complete total disregard for humanity. And to say it is because of white privilege shows how racist you are. It’s because of people like you this country is turning to shit. The fact you can’t even say one decent word upon his death pretty much shows where your humanity is…same place as Kim Jong-un’s regime. What a disgrace to Americans you are!

    Thanks for your comment Cindy. YES, the way the NorKs treated this kid showed total lack of humanity.

    BUT, they’ve been doing it for over 1000 years! EVERYBODY with a brain KNOWS that – and smart people don’t go there.

    Young Otto was poorly educated – and ignored the obvious dangers, – and did EXACTLY what stupid young people do – he broke their laws. So they USED him as a TOOL to humiliate our PUSSY pResident. If you voted for Obama – you helped kill Otto.

    And FYI, this is a blog for GROWNUPS. If you still believe in unicorns and lollipop trees, and free tuition and free health care, – you’re in the WRONG PLACE,