Oregon Is A Socialist Police State!

Posted June 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown is a piece of work, the only openly bi-sexual governor serving (…well,…Charlie Faker is a big pussy…) and she’s über-liberal to the core.

At issue is a “Green New Deal Bill” she wants passed,  – but the Senate needs a Quorum of at least 20 senators present.  The Dems have only 18, – and the Republicans have vanished.  Like Hitler and Mussolini before her,  Kate turned her State Police into Oregon’s Gestapo….

Thankfully the Oregon Militia (the armed citizens – remember our 2nd Amendment) have objected,  – and for the moment things are on hold.   But BEWARE:  Liberals are tyrants at heart!

We also wonder if while studying the Law, young Kate ever learned the definition and consequences of “under duress”….

Does the Oregon State Constitution provide for Separation of Powers in their state government…? Anybody know…?

3 Responses to “Oregon Is A Socialist Police State!”

  1. Sherox

    Do you know the outcome of this?


    One of the state senators was filmed (video is online) saying (paraphrased), “If you send them to pick me up, make sure they are well-armed, and bachelors.”

    Gee, this same tactic was widely lauded BY the left, a few years ago when Wisconsin’s dhimmicrats were trying to stop that state from doing something responsible. So what we have is more proof that ALL tactics are OK as long as they are perpetrated by the left.

  3. Ron B Ellis

    Kate Brown is a globalist and a true left wing socialist.
    She hates the Constitution and Bill of Rights. She smacks of an up and coming dictator, enemy of American Citizens.


    Agreed Ron. Not all dictators wear mustaches….