Oprah For President? Don’t Think So!

Posted January 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Funny thing about living your life in the Public Eye,…there is a long photo and video record.     All they could ever find on Trump was a few seconds of Billy Bush tape,  which was just talk.

How can Oprah or the Media ever explain stuff like this?

10 Responses to “Oprah For President? Don’t Think So!”

  1. Rocky

    If you are going to steal a meme, check the spelling on it first.

  2. Rocky

    It may be that the meme was done outside of the US where realise is considered a proper way to spell that word.


    I guess you could ask Mister Young – his name is on the photo….

  3. FLICK

    Humbling feature about RRB-once you post you can’t edit or delete like faceless book.


    When it comes to spelling Flick – I need no humbling!

    My mission here it to present the photo – with my comments, – and let viewers like yourself make up your own minds.

    Is my SPELLING the ISSUE,…or Oprah’s character and hypocrisy…? Or the Media’s willingness to sell us ANY anti-Trump for 2020?

  4. Mt Woman

    New meaning to the term, “Madam President” (or did I misspell madam?)

  5. FLICK

    IronMike-My comment was for the first poster ‘Rocky’, not you. You know me better!

    I didn’t even see the typo until ‘Rocky’ pointed it out. I was too amused by the hypocrisy.


    I know that Old Friend, – and Rocky is just busting my chops – he’s a GREAT Conservative!

  6. Hawk1776

    I wouldn’t underestimate Oprah. Is she qualified to be President? Irrelevant! The best campaigner wins, not the most qualified. Obama and his supporters dismissed Trump. Remember the moment when Ann Coulter was skewered for suggesting Trump was the most likely to win? Oprah already has a base. She’s a self-made billionaire, and will doubtless carry the black vote. If she runs she could be dangerous. Who else can the Democrats run? Dizzy Lizzie? Creepy Joe Biden? Kamala Harris? I doubt Oprah will run, but if she does she could be viable.

  7. Vince Picarello

    God help… another “O”

  8. Kojack

    Trump’s base support him because of his positions on specific issues. That base will NEVER leave him to support “the Oprah”. She is a race-baiter just like Obysmal. She is for open borders and she doesn’t have a clue where national security or foreign affairs is concerned. Oh, she’ll get the DEMOCRAP URBAN PLANTATION VOTE AND THE VAGINA VOTE BUT THAT WON’T BE ENOUGH TO WIN. TRUMP’S BASE WILL NEVER LEAVE HIM TO VOTE IN A FEMALE OBYSMAL.

  9. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    The one behind this pushing of Oprah is George Soros.

    Oprah w Gov Paterson and George Soros

    Oprah hanging with disgraced NY Gov Paterson and George Soros

  10. Walter Knight

    Roll Orca Winfrey back into the ocean.