Posted July 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Dallas, Texas bleeds again.  5 cops KILLED,  6 wounded by snipers firing from parking garages after Black Lives Matter protest.
Louis Farrahkan's war on cops
1 shooter dead, 3 in custody.  Awaiting reports,  but it sure seems they answered Farrakhan’s call…. video below the fold:

If you haven’t already seen this video – first posted last August,  you will begin to understand the evil undercurrent of the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement that has swept the country.

Both the Obama Cartel and extremists like Farrakhan have used the deaths of young Black men in exchanges with police officers to fan the flames of race hatreds – and focus their anger on police officers.

In this video Farrakhan clearly calls for 10,000 “fearless” Black men to go forth and murder police officers.  I think when the dust settles we’ll discover this is exactly what happened in Dallas….

If we had an FBI worth a shit,  – for something besides covering up Hillary Clinton’s treason, – Farrakhan would have been charged with incitement to murder.  But he’s been untouched.

Folks,  please make sure that all the cops you know are wearing their vests today – and every day.  They are the targets of convenience in this stirred-up race hatred.

Between Obama and Farrakhan,  we’re right back in the mid-60s again….

Obama will come to hog center stage at these funerals.

So when the dust settles,  and these Police Officers are buried next week,  let Obama, Hillary, and the Democrat Party explain why after 7½ years of the “First Black President”,  – unemployment for young Blacks rose and stayed at an all-time high – 30%.

It will be a miracle if there aren’t copy-cat attempts elsewhere.

5 Responses to “OPEN WARFARE ON COPS!!”

  1. Panther 6

    The REV LF is a traitor and should be arrested and his whole cabal of a traitorous religion disbanded. He is dangerous. Like Iron Mike I suspect this is just the beginning in Dallas. Weather is warm people will take to the streets. ALL LIVES MATTER

  2. Varvara

    I was in Dallas last year, stopped at a large medical center, with a friend, and counted all the security while I waited for my friend. In 20 minutes I saw 40 patients and 4 security. Two of the security were retired cops in grey uniforms, 2 were on duty police with 45s. Most of the people were Hispanic and Syrian.

    It was an eye opener.

  3. Kojack

    As long as there are special interest groups that get preferential treatment we will have these problems. ALL LIVES MATTER EQUALLY.

    Screwy Louie, the non-reverend Al Sharpton and race-baiter Jessie Jackson need to go to prison for their respective crimes. Affirmative Action, the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP need to go away as well.

    The African American community needs to understand that young black men commit most of the violent crime, take responsibility for it and stop looking to blame someone else. It is not that cops intentionally target blacks.

  4. Sherox

    If these snipers were just Average Joes, there is no way they would have been able to get those hits off so perfectly which then tells me that they are not just Average Joes.

    I see a red herring here.

    Then there are the people who just want to keep dividing us and telling us that race is important and all lives do not matter.

    Obviously, they do not believe Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. nor do they understand what America is about, being a melting pot where race is not an issue, just being an American is what matters.

    Racist bigots they are.

  5. Jim Gettens

    Iron Mike, even your local Pansy State Senator contributed:


    Pansy? You mean Stan Rosenberg’s Chubby Cupcake butt buddy?

    JamieBoy Eldridge