Open question to Niki Tsongas.

Posted March 23rd, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Rep. Tsongas,

You have had many meetings in the district that were filled with voters who stated their opinion in opposition of the Healthcare Bill just passed. You have heard from many constituents via telephone, voicemail, fax and mail telling you of their opposition.

Please inform us of a breakdown in these numbers (each office, each form of communication, each week) so that we can see how many communications you received were in favor of and how many were against the Bill. I’m sure your office keeps such a tally. If it’s not published soon, we shall seek the information via FOIA request.

You see, it’s important to us. Many of us want to make informed decisions in the election in November. Part of our decision process would be to decide whether or not to support our representative, if she continually votes against our wishes. Truly this is the bedrock principle of our representative form of government. You are our elected representative.

If you ignored our wishes and voted the way Speaker Pelosi told you to vote, then you are no longer our representative and we shall have to seek out a candidate who will be. I’m sure if the statistics gathered indicate that the overwhelming majority spoke out in favor of the bill, it’d help us all make a more informed choice. And isn’t that what it’s all about? An informed electorate.

Very truly yours,
Jim Ettwein (rr)

This letter sent this afternoon to Niki’s Lowell office via fax. I’ll follow up in a week or so if I haven’t received an answer.

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