Only The Lonely In Miami

Posted December 16th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Jeb Bush’s Debate Watch Party,…wasn’t much of a party…
Jeb Bush Watch Party Miami
Roy Orbison anticipated Jeb’s turnout….

Jeb,…the handwriting is on the walls,…despite your super-pac spending a fortune on TV ads….

Jeb trying to make an impact

Take your money, your Common Core,  and your RiNO elitism and go home….

PAtriot v RiNO

4 Responses to “Only The Lonely In Miami”

  1. Panther 6

    Jeb is in trouble. As the third Bush he is overwhelmed with the DYNASTY issue. He is a good man and was a good Governor but he lacks something and should look to stepping aside and maybe offer his political skills to someone better suited to fill the wartime President role. Like it or not we are at war.

  2. Walter Knight

    I’d have gone to his ‘debate watch party’ if there was free beer, or something, I don’t know, maybe not. Bush should donate all that money to candidates in close races across America to create some goodwill. I’m not feeling the love right now.

  3. kojack

    I noticed early on that the audience was packed with pro-establishment types. It didn’t help Bush or Rubio as was intended.

  4. Sherox

    My biggest concern is a brokered convention