One Seth Rich Murder Theory

Posted July 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The attached video is just under 6 minutes.  It is both fact and conjecture,  – but pretty damned good conjecture,  – and at RRB we suspect much will be proven before 2020,  – maybe even this summer….

Timing and PROOF is everything….

ALL OF THIS….is the story the MSM tried so very hard to ignore, – or bury.

With folks having enough of the pieces to make this YouTube video,…watch the news for more murders and suicides (Arkancides).

Witnesses MUST be disappeared….  

Can you imagine how nervous Hillary is…?

3 Responses to “One Seth Rich Murder Theory”

  1. Walter Knight

    This video elevates the kook factor a notch or two.

    More likely, and ironic, Seth Rich was murdered by the very street thug types he worked to organize to vote. White liberals like Seth Rich think the ghetto loves them just because they’re caring liberals. The facts are that Washington D.C. is not a safe place to walk for anyone during the early morning hours, even liberals.

  2. Mt Woman

    It does seem far fetched and convoluted, but I do believe he was involved with release of campaign secret data. I also believe that Seth Rich was assassinated vs the victim of a random street crime of murder. He was not robbed or even had the appearance of being frisked for his wallet. Targeted for sure!

  3. Jim Buba

    The dreaded ‘Single Car Traffic Fatality’ or Arkancide as is may be known has struck again.

    now if only it could Strzok again.

    That would be telling.

    This video raises many points outside the realm of argument and offers nothing as proof of statements. Nice crap to consider, but no meat on some of those bones.


    Remember Jim, 55 years later we STILL don’t really know who killed KENNEDY, – OR why…

    Despite technology, we know a LOT MORE about Lincoln’s murder….