Once Again The “MEDIA” Misleads Us.

Posted April 16th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Anybody reading this think our MassHole politicians give a real damn about the murder of Officer Gannon?   Think again!

They’re too busy in this election year positioning themselves as anti-Trump,  and pro-abortion,  – and of course pro-Sanctuary City.

FIRST,  politicians don’t like cops;  cops are a drain on city budgets,  and cops are the ones who pull over drunken politicians,…getting their names in the paper for DUI,…and worse.

SECOND: Politicians know that Liberal Voters don’t like cops for similar reasons,  – plus most liberals have been raised to view cops as ‘racist bullies’,  – likely to enforce laws on Blacks,  – and let white offenders off with a warning.

THIRD:  Liberals look down their noses at cops,  – see them as men and women addicted to guns and billy clubs,  – who love to abuse authority…..


.when the issue comes to GUNS,….liberals are the first to proclaim that “ONLY COPS should have GUNS!”

So when it comes to reinstating the Massachusetts Death Penalty,  – Liberal Voters and Politicians alike PRETEND to be concerned about the murder of a Cop or a baby,  – but they’ll twist and squirm to NOT DO ANYTHING until ~ maybe ~ after November.

Your average liberal can spout many “reasons” and “facts” why you shouldn’t own or carry a gun, – why the Death Penalty doesn’t deter crime,  – but why we need to import illegals,  – because there aren’t enough Americans to do the work.

REALLY?   We need 12 million Mexicans to do the work – because we ABORTED 60,000,000 babies (mostly Black and Hispanic) since Roe v Wade…?   Is that Common Core Math…?

Liberals love to tell you it takes 20 years of expensive legal procedures to actually conduct an execution.

FALSE!  Texas knows how to do it expeditiously.

Liberals always tell you it’s better for a killer “to spend the rest of his life thinking about their victims”.

But Killer don’t!   They think about killing prison guards, killing fellow inmates, and escaping.

RRB recommends bringing back our Death Penalty for the following crimes:

Murder of a LEO, Judge, Court Officer, Corrections Officer, EMT, or Firefighter…

Any premeditated murder….

Any murder committed during the process of a robbery or kidnapping…

Any murder committed during a sexual assault

Any murder or assault involving torture or mutilation,  – including female circumcision.

Any murder of an infant or child,  – including an unborn child as a result of an assault on a pregnant woman.

Any second rape conviction.

Any second DUI motor vehicle homicide.

FURTHER:  In bringing back our Death Penalty,  the law should make MANDATORY that the execution take place in a manner that the ORGANS of the killer CAN BE HARVESTED,  so that sick and dying people can benefit from organ transplants. 

A bullet between the eyes usually leaves most of the body intact.

AND,  the law should stipulate that the surviving relatives (up to 3) of the victim can serve as the executioners.

Watch and behold the maneuvering and gyrations that your elected MassHole legislators go through to AVOID even having a public debate on the Death Penalty. 

They don’t care about cops,  about kids,  or about the unborn;  – just getting re-elected to their lifetime pensions and medical coverage….

The voters are to blame….remember that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev got love letters and marriage proposals in prison,  – even AFTER he received a federal death penalty.

3 Responses to “Once Again The “MEDIA” Misleads Us.”

  1. Mt Woman

    You left out terrorist who plotted, planned and executed terroristic activities that resulted in death, dismemberment or carnage of unsuspecting citizens. Also, one between the eyes for the editor of Rolling Stone mag that authohorize that article and pic of that poor, lonely, tossle-headed and misguided youth!

  2. Kojack

    For what nit’s worth, I’ve heard that recipients of donated organs with no knowledge of the person they came from, sometimes mysteriously take on traits that the donors had. I know that it’s totally practical but I’m just sayin’…..

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, let me just say that I can testify to the deterrent value of the death penalty. Why, you might ask? Because there are a lot of Democrap pols who are still breathing and screwing up this great nation……and I’m not sitting on death row in a federal penitentary…..