Once Again The Lying Media….

Posted March 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Janesville, Wisconsin: 15-yr old girl “sexually assaulted”…?
Janesville Wis assault story
With so many smart-phone cameras rolling these days,  – it’s getting a lot tougher for the left-wing media to sell their bullshit!   What really happened in Janesville?

There were both pro-Trump and anti-Trump folks outside the event, – and lots of police.

Then a young ‘lady’ became excited, agitated, and quickly violent.  After watching the video,…I wonder if it was all a set-up….

Girl turns and picks a fight

The girl turns, begins to argue – seemingly at random – with a white-haired Trump supporter,  then quickly accuses him of “touching her”…   That seems to be the tactic of the day….

Girl you touched me

Her level of agitation [hysteria] escalates.  Others try to calm her,…then she lashes out…

Girl becomes hysterical

Note the man in the red Trump hat – dark blue jacket – has moved into position….

Just a coincidence he has the mace…?   And is alert to what may be about to happen?

Girl punches white-haired man

And now the ‘punch line’ – she gets maced in the face,  – but somehow doesn’t seem to act as if she’s suffering a real mace attack….

Mace or stge prop

Of course the MEDIA got the story they wanted to go with – VIOLENCE and Trump in the same headline….

Just remember RiNOs,…if Trump hadn’t caught on last summer,…the story the MEDIA would be selling today would be:


Soros is trying to buy another election.  Don’t let him!

You watch – you decide:  Sexual assault?  Actors?

UPDATE:   Cupcake is in trouble now….

Janesville teen

4 Responses to “Once Again The Lying Media….”

  1. Hunter556

    Charge her parents with abuse and neglect…..kids should be in school.


    $15.00 an hour staged protests. George’s dirty hands are involved.

    Don’t take the bait……………

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Fifteen years old…. Being taught intolerance and violence….. That’s the Democrat way…. Not even out of Middle School yet. More so, why wasn’t she IN school? Were I that white-haired gent in the black sweater, I’d have a lesson to teach her. I’d have her charged with assault and battery.

  4. Walter Knight

    The liberals abuse of prosecutorial discretion is just beginning as they seek out Democrat jurisdictions to provoke incidents. It will culminate in Cleveland, another Democrat shithole.