On Wisconsin – An Outsider Reflects

Posted June 6th, 2012 by Iron Mike

It wasn’t about Obama;
– it was inevitable voter maturity.

Balancing the checkbook and paying your bills really DO matter!

Yesterday, 200,000 more voters turned out to say so.

They seemed to have figured it out; – if your state is broke and acting like it’s willing to tax everything in sight – industries pack up and move out. It gets mighty tough to run bloated government – including schools, police, and fire – on an ever diminishing tax base.

Something has to give. Something has to go. It’s painful, but somebody has to absorb cuts. 2010 and yesterday were about public sector unions saying ‘Not us!’
      Yesterday the voters again said – ‘Yeah,…you!’

Gone was the giddy youthful euphoria of the 2008 Obama campaign. Nobody was campaigning on vague slogans like ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’. The issues were JOBS, budget CUTS, and union ‘rights’.

Governor Scott Walker became the vilified bogyman – the target of misplaced union anger.

The tactics were character assassination, threats, intimidation, thuggery, abuse of power in the classroom, displays of illegal force and occupying public squares and buildings. These tactics were well-funded with outside money.

By reverting to the harsh street tactics that worked so well in the pre-internet age [1930s – 70s] the unions showed the world their ugliest sides, – their willingness to break the law and bully officials and taxpayers alike.

They created a lasting impression in the minds of young people who have ZERO knowledge of labor’s historical struggle.

The union struggle they’ve now seen first hand is repulsiveand it lost.

Obama Stayed Away!

I’d venture a guess that Obama’s poll takers are doing a much better job than his political strategists. They knew how this would go down weeks ago – and Obama avoided Wisconsin in word and travel. Instead he sent in his hated surrogate – Bill Clinton – ‘to rouse the troops’.

He is probably enjoying Wisconsin this morning in that it proved that Slick Willy is a much diminished force in American Politics today.

Small comfort Obama!  EVERYBODY noticed how you ignored this fight. Wisconsin is just another in a long line of former friends you’ve flung under the bus. You’re losing friends now by the hour. Democrats are distancing themselves; they don’t want to be seen with you.


ONE:  Social issues – abortion, gay marriage, drugs, gambling casinos, even ObamaCare – played no part in the campaign. It was fought in the budget, checkbook, spending, credit card borrowing and union bullying trenches.

The average taxpayer was beginning to understand that the left-wing utopian fantasyland has to be paid for by somebody, and for a second time in 20 months they proved they’ve had enough!

They elected Scott to make the tough changes, and they came out 201,000 stronger to keep him on that job.

TWO:  2012 will become a very ugly campaign.

The Obama Campaign of 2008 was the stuff of fantasy – HopeDreams from My FatherChange, with overtones of ‘finally a Black president’ and ‘it’s his turn’.

The rest of 2012 will be much, much different!
Obama has a dismal, even a disgraceful record to run on.

His only ‘success’ was the killing of UBL, – and the record is pretty clear that he had NOTHING to do with it; – didn’t even know about it until it was well underway.  Then we saw him as a frightened spectator.

THEN, he promptly gave our secrets away to a movie company.

On both the economy and in foreign affairs – he has been a pompous popinjay – and an unmitigated disaster.

He has been chased out of Iraq, rebuffed byAfghanistan’s Karzai, mocked by Ahmadinejad, ignored by Putin, and he totally missed and blew the Arab Spring.

Our former ally Mubarak will now die in an Egyptian prison, and Doctor Shakil Afridi may die in a Pakistani one.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu knows Obama is personally untrustworthy.

As the G-8 met at Camp David to discuss the coming European financial meltdown, – with Greece tottering on the brink, – Obama’s ‘best advice’ was to ‘cool it on the austerity – go ahead and spend some money’.

Thus Obama’s only remaining 2012 campaign strategy is to vilify Romney, class warfare, play the race card, and use dirty tricks. Brace for all four!

THREE: The Senate and House races REALLY COUNT!

Almost unnoticed in last night’s news is that despite the Walker victory – one of the four Republican state senators also being recalled lost.  That single loss moves control of the Wisconsin Senate back to the Democrats.

This November there will be 33 US Senate seats in the mix.  These include 7 retiring liberals, 16 liberals seeking re-election, and 4 Republicans either retiring or who were defeated / face primary challengers.

If Republicans are to repair the damage done by Obama, they must regain a 60-seat super-majority in the US Senate.

EVERY INCUMBENT who voted for ObamaCare, for Dodd-Frank, for the bailouts, and to confirm Sotomayor and Kagan should be driven from our Congress; – and replaced with Constitutional Conservatives.

EVERY Senate candidate should be asked if they are willing to vote to impeach Obama, Holder and Napolitano – even after they’ve been driven from office.

EVERY candidate – at EVERY LEVEL of government – should be grilled on their views of our 1st, 2nd, and 10th Amendment.  You’ll find some who have no clue.  If a candidate mentions ‘hunting’ – either EDUCATE them – or dump them!

FOUR:  The Ron Paul Factor

Wisconsin was not a ‘Republican Victory’! It was a joint effort of the Republicans, the TEA Parties, Ron Paul supporters, and lots of folks with no party affiliation.

The Republican Party is almost nowhere strong enough to engage in anything more than a pillow fight. We will need the TEA Parties, the Ron Paul folks, and every old-time Reagan Democrat who still loves this country.

And we’ll need to be better organized in every town and ward than we’ve ever been. Yesterday was a display in Democrat / union dirty tricks – of bussing in phony voters, intimidating poll watchers, and voter fraud.

Thankfully the Scott forces were organized and had enough poll watchers. They undoubtedly thwarted massive fraudulent voting.

This November it will be the ‘no-party’ voters who carry the day.  They’re pretty pissed off at both parties, so Republicans need to be on their best behavior, and have a VERY CLEAR MESSAGE.

FIVE:  These new-world 21st Century socialists won’t go quietly.

100 years of Socialist dreams seemed to be coming true in 2008.  Try to remember the giddy euphoric almost trance-like state both the young and the old Woodstock hippies were in. They believed their New Messiah would lead them to the Land of Milk and Honey.

All they could envision was wall-to-wall equality, universal free health care, gay marriage, marijuana for everybody, and an end to want and worry.

After 142 years of Jim Crow, Blacks were floating on Cloud Nine.  They’ve been hurt the worst.

Today most are grudgingly aware their ‘messiah’ is a fraud.

He and his princess live and vacation like royalty.

They blamed Bush until it rang hollow even in the ears of the most ardent Bush-haters.

He ran venture capitol into hiding, ran jobs off-shore, and ran up $5 Trillion in federal debt and has NOTHING to SHOW FOR IT!  Well, there is the massive unemployment and the huge number of Americans on welfare…

It is fitting karma that these MoonBat retirement portfolios and home values have suffered along with the rest of us. Still, they cling to their dreams of free federal health care for all – [mostly for themselves – screw you], and a world where the rich are taxed into humiliation.

These folks won’t go easily, even if their ‘messiah’ is a fraud.  AND, if he dumps Biden and takes Hillary as his VP running mate – they will have vastly renewed vigor.

And they’ll cheat, intimidate, and use whatever thuggery they can muster.

You SHOULD expect Obama to use the Occupy Movement, the New Black Panthers, and La Raza to full effect. Expect chaos in October – funded and fueled by Soros. Socialists have always resorted to street tactics and public fear when things are going badly.

Expect corrupt left-wing judges everywhere to replay Maryann Sumi.

SIX:  Expect bad faith!

Even if Obama is defeated – soundly – on November 6th, there will still be 74 long days until January 20th. Those could be 74 days filled with infinite mischief and wrong-doing – including a slew of presidential pardons for everybody in his cartel.

And there may be vengeance. Expect Obamacides.

Meanwhile, get ready to work your ass off, – and pray for Scott Walker and our Young Republic!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Jim Buba

    The good news is MD Gov. O’Malley went to stump in Obama’s place.

    Here’s hoping the jinx is on!