On November 2nd, show your ID.

Posted October 21st, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Why not show an ID?  Something to hide?  Exactly. 

You have to show your ID to cash a check, get on a plane, drive your car, it’s time we know who’s voting in our elections.  And how often they’re voting.  Even if they’re not alive when they vote. rr

see www.showidtovote.com for more information

2 Responses to “On November 2nd, show your ID.”

  1. Flick

    I also contend that we should have to show 3 W-2s or proof of Social Security receipts. That way you would vote with your wallet and not your welfare/undocumented/uber-liberal high school/college view.

  2. Rabid Republican

    You just have a mean streak, my friend. 🙂