On National Defense – Obama Fails

Posted May 10th, 2011 by Iron Mike


Chiefly, Obama fails to defend us because he doesn’t believe the U.S. should exist!

The first mission of government is to protect it’s citizens. The first job of a president is to plan, manage, direct, and oversee that defense. Obama fails – miserably.

There were clues from the beginning – when he said ‘we live in the finest nation on earth – now help me change it‘. Then he flubbed his public and then the private do-over of his Oath of Office. Then he began appointing a series of left-wing and outright communist cabinet secretaries and czars.

Give me five minutes

To understand my viewpoint – accept that while Bush-Cheney had their faults – they clearly wanted to protect this country from Islamic terrorism. You might disagree with their methods, but not their intent.

Obama is the polar opposite. Basically he is an anti-colonialist using international socialism as a tool to dismantle our nation because he fundamentally believes we were founded on the backs of subjugated people and slaves. He lives to reverse that perceived injustice.

The 2008 Campaign:

Obama and his left-wing cohorts – the entertainment elite and the MSM excoriate Bush-Cheney. You kept hearing a steady drumbeat about ‘torture’, closing Gitmo, and public trials in civilian courts. Of course he would ‘immediately withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan’.

The MoonBats snorted it like cocaine. Trance-like they cheered and voted. They were fooled. It was all for show. Obama doesn’t even care.

Upon Taking Office:

Keeps Bush’s SecDef – Robert Gates.  [Where’s the ‘Change’?]

Installs Leon Panetta as Director of Central Intelligence.

Panetta’s ONLY intel experience is as a 2LT at Fort Ord – a basic training post – in the early 60s. Panetta stops harsh interrogations, and under his watch the entire CIA seems to have missed the “Arab Spring” of popular uprisings across North Africa and the Middle East.

Panetta has moved to salvage his reputation by acting on information already known about where Usama bin Laden was living in Abbottabad Pakistan.

It was Panetta, along with Hillary Clinton who lobbied for the raid, and eventually got it off the ground – despite Obama’s refusals. This ~ may ~ have been an outright coup – a deliberate disobedience of orders.

Obama then used his familiar teleprompters to take advantage of the success to mount a ‘Victory Lap’ to Ground Zero and Fort Campbell.

In 2010 Obama waited five (5) months to make an operational decision – how many troops to surge into Afghanistan. Then he fired his best general,  Stan McChrystal. Like Truman in Korea and LBJ in Vietnam, Obama’s only thoughts appear centered on not looking like a weakling. His actions have made him look exactly like a weakling, and this has emboldened our enemies and disheartened our allies.

Using Troops For Backdrops:

From the first days of his pResidency, Obama used troops as backdrops to his speeches. Very quickly the novelty wore off for the troops. As an old soldier – I read their faces very well.  Many Black troops continued for some time to show delight in their new president, but now even most of them show Spartan discipline, but minimal enthusiasm.

Obama will continue to use troops as campaign posters.  It is important to him to be seen as the equal of Reagan, Bush, and Bush.  He’s not even on the same planet.  He may wear out Air Force One in the process.

Middle East:

In 2008 Obama wooed the Jewish vote by visiting the Israeli town of Sderot – where he feigned concern over Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza.  Since taking office he has managed to snub Israel publicly to the point that he has emboldened their enemies.

Green Protest Rally - Tehran An opportunity squandered!


He failed to back the legitimate uprisings in Iran in 2009, seeming to be afraid of both Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs. He said nothing while they shot their own people in the streets, raped young women in prison before they were executed, and continued working on their nuclear bomb and their missiles.

Obama seems indifferent to the new swarms of fast missile boats and littoral submarines in the growing Iranian Navy. I suspect he doesn’t grasp the term ‘strategic choke point’.

This year as the ‘Arab Spring’ swept across North Africa to Yemen, Egypt, Bahrain, and now Syria – he seems unable to articulate a message to the freedom-loving youth in the crowd. He seems detached, – content to let the Muslim Brotherhood rise up and fill the vacuum.


Perhaps he briefly had visions of being Ronald Reagan?

He ordered Gaddafi’s troops and facilities bombed – with no plan for follow-through.

He thus fails the first test of a military leader – understanding himself, the enemy, and knowing what it will take to defeat the enemy. He is ‘playing soldier’ – only for political purposes.

Note to ObamaphilesYou don’t bomb people on ‘humanitarian grounds’. You sure don’t bomb warlords unless you plan to kill them. They didn’t get to be warlords for 42 years by being pansies.

Insulting Traditional Allies:

First Obama returned the bust of Winston Churchill to the British, then he gave the Prime Minister and the Queen tacky and inappropriate gifts, and then he gave the Russians secret British missile codes to get them to agree to a START treaty. [No wonder he wasn’t invited to the royal wedding!]

Then he declared that France was our ‘strongest European ally’.

And he’s left Israel twisting slowly in the wind. I’m not sure he even knows about Canada.

Abandoning New Allies:

September 2009 – under pressure from Russia – and getting nothing in return – Obama scrapped a joint Polish and Czech Republic Missile Defense System, leaving those two former Soviet satellite countries high and dry. Allies old and new begin to re-evaluate Obama’s commitment to treaties and alliances.

Homeland Security:

Hired former Arizona left-wing Governor Janet Napolitano as Secretary of Homeland Security. Napolitano has ZERO background in security, intelligence, law enforcement, defense, or mass transit operations. She is openly pro-illegal immigrant.

A series of terrorist acts are all first dismissed as ‘random’ – although several such as the Fort Hood and Little Rock shootings are linked to Anwar al-Awlaki the American-born Imam now living in Yemen.

ICE is told to stop taking custody of illegals from Arizona sheriffs.

Border Patrol agents are armed with beanbag rounds.

A ‘gun tracking program’ actually allows hundreds of AK-47s to cross the Mexican border into the hands of drug cartels. One of them kills Border Patrolman Brian Terry north of Nogales Dec 14th 2010. Terry was armed with bean bags.

Our Southern Border:

Despite pleas for help from the governors of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, Obama all but ignores our Southern Border – even fails to discuss the issues with Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Obama had his justice department under Eric Holder investigate Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio for ‘civil rights violations’ several times. Sheriff Joe keeps on rounding up illegals.

When Arizona passes their own immigration law – SB 1070 – modeled nearly word-for-word after the federal law, Obama’s justice department promptly sued Arizona to halt it’s implementation.

Obama is a man who doesn’t believe in borders. To date Obama has shown ZERO interest in our southern border – in stopping illegal immigration, human smuggling, the drug trade, or the violent cross-border crime gangs like Los Zetas and MS-13. We are unguarded and unprotected.

Somali Pirates:

Nothing more completely demonstrates Obama’s failure to defend American interests than the brazen operations of Somali pirates operating now ever further into the Indian ocean from the Horn of Africa.

Obama quickly took personal credit in April 2009 when Navy Seal snipers shot three pirates holding Captain Richard Phillips of the Maersk Alabama.

But since the cheering stopped, he’s done little to add significant US Navy presence to the 30-ship multinational fleet trying to stop pirates operating in skiffs. Today the pirates hold over 30 ships and over 600 crewmembers.

Ignoring China and Russia:

Russia is rolling in cash again – thanks to natural gas exports to Europe. They can pay their troops and they’re building modern weapons systems and two new aircraft carriers. The Berlin wall may be long gone, and the USSR may be long gone, but the Russian Empire is alive and growing under Czar Vladimir Putin.

China is also spending more on her military and naval forces. It’s easy – they’re using our money and our technology.  China has a whole new generation of ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines – able to cross the Pacific and lurk off our west coast naval bases.

The Chinese have made it clear – they want us out of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans. Sooner or later they’ll have enough ships and submarines to enforce their will upon us.

Just to prove that they are in a position to deliver a sudden decapitation strike, the Chinese [‘or somebody’] launched a missile off the coast of Los Angeles last November. Obama was silent.

North Korea:

Obama just sent Jimmy Carter to talk to them.  Gee, that trick worked so well under Bill Clinton, didn’t it?

Cyber Defense:

Your computer has been under attack from various evil forces for a long time. China is one of the major culprits. They have armies of young computer hackers trying to break into your machine to glean anything useful.

And they’ve cracked into the pentagon, into our biggest defense contractors, our biggest banks, and our power grids and nuclear reactors. They can ~ probably ~ shut us down at will. Have you seen Obama break a sweat over this?

Killing Osama bin Laden:

Obama made a bee-line to Lower Manhattan and to Fort Campbell telling everybody he could force to listen that ‘he’ had directed, that it was the ‘toughest forty minutes in his life, and in general taking full credit.

He should be keeping his mouth shut instead of crowing. He’s only making things more difficult for the guys who did it [Biden blew their cover] – and for the next crew that has to go on a similar mission.

And his entire intelligence community should be totally silent about whatever intel they pulled from the compound. Smart spies NEVER brag – ever!

But Obama doesn’t care – he just wants to be re-elected. He thinks he’s just made his bones as a wartime president. He hasn’t – they were made for him. He was merely a reluctant and frightened spectator.


Changes at the Top:

Robert Gates is retiring. He’s going home. He’s a gentleman so I’m guessing he won’t write a book until at least 2013.

Leon Panetta is moving from CIA to SecDef to replace Gates.

The former 2Lt will be in way over his head. And he’ll be dealing with the additional distraction of openly gay troops, openly gay couples demanding base housing, and the inevitable flow of discipline cases against good troops and good leaders who start getting accused of anti-gay slurs or remarks.

He is about to find out that withdrawing from places like Iraq and Afghanistan is three times as tough as going in was. Tougher still as former allies desert the coalition, and al Qaeda comes nipping at our tail.

Al Qaeda’s best hopes for operational freedom lie with a new US president with the mindset of a Ron Paul – someone who wants us totally disengaged. I believe they’ll try to spill a lot of blood next year to ensure that American voters have no remaining will to fight.  Remember our last years in Vietnam?

Obama will ignore the facts, ignore the casualties, and keep waiving bin Laden’s scalp in front of the TV cameras – with troops standing behind him as often as possible.

Of the Republicans running, there are few who understand that we are only half-way through a 1400 year war. Obama doesn’t – he seems not to have studied or understood history.

Our Southern Border? Forgetaboutit!  Look for Obama to grant 13+ million illegals amnesty. Then the flood gates will open.

For American’s grand experiment of ‘finally having a black president’ – we and the world will pay a heavy price in blood. Liberals were just looking at skin color – not the content of character. Many still are.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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