On McChrystal: Explained For Liberals

Posted June 25th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans!  You too Liberals,

I’ve had a ton of emails about the Stan McChrystal firing and David Petraeus taking over – – and what it all means.  There are a lot of moving parts to what happened and most liberals won’t get it, at least on their first try.  But study hard Liberals, there is a mid-term exam on November 2nd,  and a final in two years.

FIRST MOVING PARTGeneral Stan McChrystal becomes “disrespectful” of President and advisors – gets removed and replaced.  End of story?  To at least the 40% of MoonBats who still support Obama – that’s all they want to know. Delving any deeper into issues of war is bad – because “all war is bad!” [And Afghanistan is so far away.]

MOVING PART #2:   Obama picks Petraeus because he is the ONLY other general he really knows.  Therein lies a big clue that liberals should be helped to pick up on.  A full seventeen (17) months into his pResidency – with two (2) wars going on, a pirate hunt underway, and hordes streaming across from Mexico – Obama hasn’t BOTHERED to meet and get to know any of his 2-stars or 3-stars. 

Why?  He hates the military – and he’s visibly uncomfortable around them.  All liberals are absolutely convinced that soldiers are thugs in uniform – running around committing war crimes.

MOVING PART #3:   Obama really is a Muslim, and he really sides with the Taliban and al Qaeda.  The whole thing of giving McChrystal ½ of what he’d asked for – then setting a surrender date speaks to his true motivation.  Like LBJ, he doesn’t want to be seen as losing a war – the way Truman was seen, but he doesn’t want to win.  The war is an annoyance, he just wants the problem to quietly fade off the newspapers. 

But you CANNOT tell a guy like McChrystal he has to watch his troops die fighting a war he won’t be allowed to win! 

MOVING PART #4:   McChrystal is part of that small group of warrior patriots – a breed apart – that very few American understand.  He was never worried about getting promoted or what his next job was – so long as it was a worthy mission and with his troops.  These guys think and act in ways most people cannot grasp.

So,. . . faced with sissified ROE,  unable to chase across a border [like Korea and Vietnam], watching US Foreign Aid $$ go to Pakistan and through the ISI directly to the Taliban and al Qaeda,  partnered with suck-ass worms like Eikenberry and Holbrook, – McChrystal realizes that his most immediate and most dangerous enemy is his CinC – Obummer himself.  He devises a cunning plan to take the war to OBummer – – knowing that OBummer doesn’t want any part of it, – and will do anything to toss on the hot potato.

MOVING PART #5:   Obama hates Karzai, probably because Karzai isn’t kicking back foreign aid and heroin money to Obama’s offshore accounts.  So instead of treating him like a respected ally and friend,  he treats him like an expendable puppet,  constantly threatening to cut the strings.  As a result, Karzai has to consider many options, since he has every reason to believe that OBummer is not a friend, not an ally, and that OBummer will sell him out in a heartbeat.

ENTER MOVING PART #6:   ROLLING STONE just wants to look a little more main-stream and a little more ad-worthy.  They send a team.  McChrystal instantly knows that no matter what they see – treacherous enemy, valorous troops, helpless Afghans, – they’ve come to write an unflattering piece.  He and his loyal staffers decide to give them one.  They feed the Rolling Stone team something so juicy they can hardly believe it, and they focus on nothing else.

Team McChrystal knows that if they show ~ just enough ~ loathing, disrespect, disgust, and derision of the Obama Cartel,  it will be written up in glowing neon exaggerations.  Understand that these guys are fully capable of talking to each other with hand gestures and rolled eyeballs.  They never had to say a word to communicate on these subjects.  It was all done for the benefit to the reporters.  The Team is setting up the reporters to write the story the Team wants written.  They are backing OBummer into a corner from which he will have only one way out, and which will make him seem strong for just a fleeting moment , then reveal him for what he is:  a coward, a weakling, and a traitor.

They know their boss will be fired – and replaced.  They’re well aware that Obama has been neglectful of cultivating his generals.  So they can be pretty sure who the replacement will be.  To a man they’re willing to take their lumps – even career-ending lumps.  There are many ways to serve one’s country – sometimes getting fired in the White House works just fine to further the mission.  These men are patriots and warriors – NOT scum-sucking socialist political maggots.

MOVING PART #7:  Having made his “presidential” decision, and appointed his “only remaining general”,  Obama is really stuck between two rocks and a hard place, – between David Petraeus, Stan McChrystal and infamyObama cannot lose a second General.  Today Hillary looks like the toughest member of the Cartel, and OBummer looks like what he is – an inept Soros puppet.  Now what David needs [what Stan needed] he’ll likely get – including a nullification of the surrender date, broader Rules of Engagement [ROE], and likely permission for some hot pursuits across the border.

MOVING PART #8:   While there aren’t many lefties who actually bother to think, – those few who do are starting to see through the charm and past the teleprompter of THE ONE.  Now they see he is only focused on his anti-White / anti-Capitalist / anti-American / anti-Israeli / pro-Muslim Socialist agenda. 

Many are regretting their impulsive vote in 2008.  Doubt that?  Count the number of remaining Obama stickers you see on cars over this weekend.  Obama mania has turned into Obamatrocity.  Meanwhile the OIL keeps gushing, and the ILLEGALS keep coming!  Where will OBummer play golf this weekend?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “On McChrystal: Explained For Liberals”

  1. Neil

    Well said Mike. Those obama stickers that are left are usually on vehicles that nerdy dimwits drive, they haven’t got a clue and look it. I have complete faith in OUR military and those scumbag liberals can kiss my #^%$^

  2. britsarmymom

    Lord Almighty! I actually CALLED this one! Thanks for the sanity check, Iron Mike. I wish it made me feel smart, but I’m just ratified in my appreciation of people being played. . .for now, but not for long How stupid.

  3. CPT (R) Steve Campbell

    Not much to say about this one as we both figured it out some time ago. Told the bride that McChrystal would be fired but added another thought to it. The “REGULAR ARMY”. They have never liked or wanted SF or SF Operators like McChrystal. They did every thing they could to stop the Special Operations Command from coming into existence. Now they not only had to deal with one as a 4 Star but as a Theater Commander and that just didn’t fly well with them. That Obama picked him made it even worse. Now add in the new strategy “Counterinsurgency” and the Regular Army types being forced to work with and for a Special Operator, that was just too much for them. So I believe that the Rgular Army people were in some way behind this whole thing. Whether setting up the interview (Which had to be approved at the Pentagon and/or DOA) and giving it the go ahead and maybe even helping with the questions that elecited the responses they knew they would get. Then working with Rolling Stone to help them edit it for maximum effect.

    Remember the Special Operations budget went from a pitifully small amount prior to this war up to $9.8 Billion in Obama’s proposed budget. $9.8 Billion can buy alot of tanks, APC’s, Drones and etc., etc., etc. Hey but what do I know I’m just a dumb #@$$ crazy retired Captain with no experience with this type of warfare any way, or so I’ve been told by some of my civilian friends here in good old South Carolina.

    Keep the faith brother,