On Conservative’s Never-Trump Angst

Posted May 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Most of my truly Conservative / Libertarian friends have a lot of angst or even anger toward Trump.  They threaten stupid things like sitting on their hands,…some even want to vote for Hillary in protest.
1980 to 2016
Do they really want to see the USA descend into another Mexico or Venezuela?

I’m old enough to remember suffering 4 long years under Carter,…high interest rates, – and the Iranians keeping our embassy staff as hostage…

Jimmy Carter  hostage crisis

and Carter micro-managing the failed rescue attempt….

1980 Republican primaries

In 1980 many disparaged Ronald Reagan – dismissed him as ‘merely an actor’, and wanted a stronger life-long conservative….not someone who’d been a Democrat and a [gasp] union president…

He turned out to be the best thing we’d had since Lincoln,…and <most> of the doubters came around….

America then enjoyed eight years of a major turn-around in attitude and an upswing in our economy.

Of course Reagan kept saying things a little off the mark, – but most Americans fully understood that he loved our country – and they looked past his occasional gaffe.

Now we’ve had nearly eight years of economic and foreign policy disasters, – a flat economy with 94 million out of work, a looming Muslim threat, and a president who is more concerned with letting trannies into public restrooms with your daughter – than he is in keeping us safe from ISIS Jihadis…

We had 17 “Republican” candidates back in January….

Reagan also vanquished a slew of Republicans….


Now it is the improbable non-politician – the self-funding self-promoting billionaire who starting filling large stadiums, – and who vanquished them one-by-one…

Trump is not a natural conservative. FEW billionaires are,….they see the world differently. He was once a liberal – LIKE REAGAN.

But he attracts voters who’ve soured on the system – AS REAGAN DID!

He loves America – as REAGAN DID!

He hasn’t murdered anybody – LIKE HILLARY HAS!

He hasn’t lied to the American People – as the Clintons have…


He knows how to F-I-R-E people!

He won’t try to take our guns, – as Hillary surely will….

He’ll take care of our Veterans.   Hillary left them to die in Benghazi!

He knows hundreds of worthy competent lawyers who can help clean out the various DC rat’s nests of corruption,  – and bring a few noteworthy scumbags to trial.

Given a chance the Clintons will continue the cover-ups…

SO,…you STILL think he’s unworthy?

STILL think he’s ‘not Conservative enough’?

Do you REALLY expect a “White Knight” to come riding into Cleveland from the West? Mitt Romney totally blew his chance in a debate with Obama….forget him!

Are you REALLY ready to see Hillary get TWO TERMS, – and tear our military to shreds,…and allow illegal Mexican immigrants to register to vote…?

Do you really want to witness another close election like Bush-Gore 2000 – with hanging chads and Supreme Court decisions,…

…and Hillary fans spending the next 20 years believing she was somehow ‘ROBBED’?


This ~ may ~ be our one last chance!

And no, Trump won’t be a ‘perfect president’ – but we’ve never had one….

ANYBODY out there really think Hillary could handle a CRISIS – based on her handling of Benghazi,….or all of Bill’s Bimbo Eruptions?

7 Responses to “On Conservative’s Never-Trump Angst”

  1. #blackgunsmatter

    I believe that Trump is a good man that wants to help the Country. I liked Cruz as well, and the race did get pretty ugly…as usual. I hope the die-hard Cruz supporters will support the nominee, Mr. Trump. Hillary will finish the job Obama started. Overall, we can agree that liberalism is a mental disorder. Trump would be better than Hillary…

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    I hear the same thing from some…mostly the younger ones who didn’t live through the Carter years.

    They’re afraid Trump is just another Charlie Baker. I remind them Trump wouldn’t hire Charlie to shine his limo.



  4. Paul J Baldi

    I was not a Trump fan until idiots like Romney started to
    tear into Trump because he’s not “one of us”. Romney needs to
    go away and stay away. He’s the troublemaker, not Trump. The
    rest of the RINO crowd had better get on board with Trump or
    the witch will ride her broom to the White House.

  5. Clinton ma tea party

    I believe these people that do not back Donald Trump as president are truly deep in their heart Hillary Clinton supporters and never had in them the feelings to vote for a true conservative again but wanted to go with the establishment crowd the Bush-Clinton crime family style of government that will be gone when Trump gets in the office.

    So my advice to these people is you’re giving your support to Hillary and for that you can go to hell.

  6. Vic

    Mike, I’m with you.
    Cruz officially lost my support when he blamed Trump for the “protests” at his rallies. I don’t believe Cruz is stupid enough to believe those were real protests, so he was willing to perpetuate the leftist lies. It was a very teachable moment and he blew it. Is Soros sending him campaign money, too?

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    Trump was not my first choice, but now he is our only chance to take back the country that we love. He is a patriot, he loves this country, Trump’s America first nationalism poses a threat to the liberal Democrats and the big government Republicans.

    Hillary Clinton will continue on Obama’s path to destroy our beloved country. Please don’t help her agenda.

    Trump will fight against open borders, amnesty, free trade, massive spending, the ever increasing entitlements, high taxes, our crushing debt. Americans are crying out for help, and nobody has been listening. Our hope is that Donald Trump will make our country great again. AMEN!!!!