Omar and Obama: Their Legacy

Posted December 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Have you forgotten Omar Farouk Abdulmutallab?  Did you ever learn to pronounce his name?  Some spell his first name Umar, if that helps.

Last Christmas he gave you a present.  To celebrate his 23rd birthday and your Christmas season he would ignite an explosive device in his underpants, blowing Northwest Airlines 253 [Amsterdam to Detroit] into a fireball over Detroit.  Maybe he’d already had a reaction thinking about his 72 virgins – so maybe his powder was no longer dry.  The giant fireball was confined to his crotch. He managed to burn his balls.  Flight 253 landed safely.

The Obamas continued to vacation on Hawaii as if nothing was amiss.

But now if you fly you have to be X-rayed – and/or some TSA worker wants to squeeze your crotch.  Who won, – who lost?  Are we ready to profile airline passengers yet?

Is our pResident – who is so familiar with the words, phrases, and teachings of Islam yet ready to lead the fight on Islamic terrorism, – or even call it by name?

Where will he be this Christmas if more disciples of American-born prostitute enjoying radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki come to kill us?

Remember last Christmas, when our Homeland Security Lesbian-in-Charge assured us “the system worked”.  She had no clue that it was the passengers on 253 that had stopped Abdulmutallab.  A full 51 weeks later she still has no clue.  But if you fly, you can enjoy a full body x-ray or a crotch grope by a well-trained TSA agent recruited from a pizza box ad.

Unless you are a Muslim woman in a hajib or a burqa.  You get to walk past untouched.

Let’s review:

June 1st 2009, Little Rock:  Muslim convert Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, fresh back from a year in Yemen opens fire on the Army recruiting office – killing Private William Long, and wounded Private Quinton Ezeagwula.

November 5th 2009, Fort Hood: Army psychologist Major Nidal Hasan, after numerous conversations with al-Awlaki, goes to the processing center and kills 13 soldiers, wounds 30 more.

Christmas 2009 – Flight 253 – the crotch bomber.

May 21st, 2010,  Times Square, NYC:   31 year old Pakistani-born Faisal Shahzad, a US Citizen attempts to blow up a propane filled SUV.  Captured, he warns of others.

November 26th Portland, Oregon: 19- year old Somail-born US Citizen Mohamed Osman Mohamud attempts to create massive casualties by blowing up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  He has been planning the attack for years, even blew up a test bomb.

December 9th Baltimore:  21 year old Islamic convert Muhammad Hussain, [aka Antonio Martinez] attempts to blow up an Army recruiting station.

So who is coming to kill Americans this Christmas?  While TSA is groping Grandma’s crotch, who is standing in line waiting to meet their 72 virgins?  Home-grown or foreign-born?  Will the target be an airliner, a busy airport, a church, a mall, or a football game?

Our secrets spill from 10,000 WikiLeaks.  Our Lame Duck Congress just ended DA/DT.  Do you think we look like a nation ready to defend ourselves? Do you think we still put fear in the hearts of evil men anymore?

Or do we look like a nation of spineless, incompetent prancing pussies who won’t even defend our own borders while our TSA fondles little kids and old women?

The Omar/Obama legacy?  An incompetent bomber and an incompetent pResident.  No virgins – no security.

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

2 Responses to “Omar and Obama: Their Legacy”

  1. dannap

    Blunt, powerful truth.

  2. JohnHopkinton

    Maybe we should just profile people who have a history of xenophobia and conservative, religious extremism instead of just targeting anyone with a particular skin color. But then you might end up having your crotch felt up by a man yourself, not that you wouldn’t enjoy that.