Olivia’s Guardian Angel Worked OVERTIME!

Posted January 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

This was NOT Romeo meets Juliet! Victor is 38, and his victim is just 23, and not raised to be smart enough to go out with and STAY WITH – a GROUP,…

…and not let strangers in Boston bars buy her drinks…. “Oh Mom, I’m 23 after all…”.

Most young people who ‘vanish’ from Boston bars are found weeks later – face down….  Yet still they go – like lemmings….

There is nothing in the world like turning 21 that can make a young person FEEL like they’re fully grown up and able to take care of themselves….

…add a little income,…a false sense of independence,…and the results can be tragic….

We may never know how many young ladies Pena molested,  kidnapped,  and/or raped over his 38 years….  We’re pretty sure this wasn’t his first adventure…

Olivia owes her LIFE to surveillance cameras,  to the Boston Cops,  – and to God and her guardian angel.


3 Responses to “Olivia’s Guardian Angel Worked OVERTIME!”

  1. Kojack

    Thank God this innocent young woman was found relatively unharmed. I’m sure she will learn from this….maybe even get a permit to carry as difficult as that is here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSSETTS.

  2. Clinton ma Tea party

    This is a very big scary issue for Women.
    Women need to carry some kind of pertection from these sick men. One mickey slipped into her drink and she could be raped and murdered or held hostage as a sick sex slave, like that young woman in Minnesota. Please to all females get to know the man very well before going into the parkinglot after leaving the bar with them and making love. I hope all these evil bastards burn in hell. Let a friend know where you are at all times. Do not take the chance of being the next victim.

  3. Mt Woman

    Women attend marches and wear pink hats and automatically think they have super powers to check their brains at the door. This is a world full of predators and violence. Thank God she is safe, albeit shaken up.