Oliver North vs Chris Wallace On Fox

Posted May 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Ollie is the new President of the NRA,  and was gracious enough to be interviewed on Chris Wallace’s show today after the Santa Fe school shooting.  Wallace tries to vilify the NRA’s objection to ‘gun laws’.

Wallace is a left-leaning big-government wimp who wants to see more gun laws,  and to see some guns outlawed.

Listen to Chris five (5) years ago interviewing NRA Chairman Wayne LaPierre, using the language of the left “Gun Violence”….and “Assault Weapons”

It’s very telling that Wallace is still on Fox.  He’s no longer able to keep up a conservative or even an even-handed facade.  Intellectually he belongs on CNN or even PBS,  – where he would enjoy the company of exclusively left-wing big-government MoonBats and one-world socialists.

You Patriots need to understand the DANGER!

When left-leaning “journalists” and “commentators” can masquerade as Conservative Patriots,  – and slowly work to erode public understanding of WHY we have a 2nd Amendment – and what the amendment really means,…our Freedom and our Young Republic are in grave DANGER!

Today in this supposedly “free country”,  – left-wingers firmly believe it is acceptable (even good) to take your tax money to kill babies at Planned Parenthood.

They call it “a Woman’s Right to Choose”,  and one of their selling points is:  “better to kill the unwanted child than have it grow up in poverty”.   PURE EVIL!!

So when such barbaric evil becomes accepted (“fixed law”),  – what happens to you when you’re old,  – – and a future administration has run out of Social Security money because they spent it all on illegal immigrants and government salaries…?

Could a future left-wing government decide that 85 is old enough?  Then decide that the age for mandatory euthanasia should be lowered to 75?  Guess what’s happening across Europe…today!

Stay ALERT Patriots!  Not all our enemies are standing out in the open carrying banners,  flags,  and wearing AntiFA armbands.

We fully understand the evil inherent in the Obamas,  the Clintons,  and the Kennedys;  – but there are tens of thousands of back-stabbing traitors on our TV screens,  and teaching in our colleges and public schools.

DO NOT leave the business of teaching History,  Geography,  Economics,  and Ethics to school teachers.

Grab your kids and your grand-kids – and teach them yourselves!

2 Responses to “Oliver North vs Chris Wallace On Fox”

  1. Vince

    I have 11 grandkids and I know the older ones are conservative… still working on the younger ones.

  2. Kojack

    I don’t usually watch Wallace the Weasel anymore but I happened to see the beginning of Fox News Sunday last night. Lt. Col. Did a great job dealing with the weasel who was totally predictable.

    The thing that was OFF-THE-CHARTS OUTRAGEOUS, even for him, was a statement made by the hypocrite astronaut Mark Kelly in the succeeding interview with Wallace. Kelly is the husband of Gabby Gifford who owns several firearms including 1 or 2 AR’s. In that interview, KELLY THE HYPOCRITE CLAIMED THAT THE NRA WAS AGAINST COMPREHENSIVE INSTANT BACKGROUND CHECKS!!!

    As a Life member of NRA since ’76, I know for a fact that NRA was THE BIGGEST ADVOCATE of thorough IBC’s. Most hardcore anti-2ndA’s have evolved to be more subtle and sophisticated than to utter such an OBVIOUS, BLATANT LIE.