Oligarch’s Niece Caroline Avoids Jail

Posted December 20th, 2020 by Iron Mike

She was in a car crash (into a parked tree) in Pennsylvania last year,  – with pill bottles containing Carisoprodol and Lorazepam,  – and a suspended driver’s license.  The drugs were also in her system.

But you KNOW the outcome.  The media hushed the story.  The 33-yr old rich girl just left a Pennsylvania courthouse with a $1,990 fine,  an order to participate in 12 hours of community service,   – and an order to attend a drug & alcohol awareness program.  Now she has a record in two states.

How tough is life as a Biden that you need stress and muscle relaxing drugs to exist?

Or marijuana?   Joe’s daughter Ashley was arrested when she was in college for possession…

Joe’s younger Brother Frank has multiple arrests for drunk driving and thieft…

And “Princess Caroline” got in a fight with her NYC roommate in 2014 over unpaid rent,  – then slugged a female cop sent to the disturbance.   Resisting Arrest and Obstruction.

In 2017 Caroline got arrested on FELONY charges,  – using a stolen credit card to buy $110,810.04 of hair care and skin lotions at the Bigelow Pharmacy in Greenwich Village.

The ‘story’ is she’d had permission to make a SINGLE $600 purchase back in 2015 or 2016,  – and she ‘forgot to return’ the credit card.  Money and community service made that felony rap go away.

Did the media ever mention it – even ONCE,  – in all of 2020?

Just suppose it had been a Trump, – or a Pence…

RRB hopes young Caroline can find happiness and a purpose in life.  But frankly,  – from our viewpoint,  – it’s a death race between drugs and her next encounter with a tree…..

The tree won’t give a DAMN what her name is!

3 Responses to “Oligarch’s Niece Caroline Avoids Jail”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    People like this give people like us a bad name…..

  2. Jim Buba

    Ordering another SCTF

    ((Single Car Traffic Fatality))

    Hey! How’z Gropy holding out?

  3. Keith

    When there are no consequences for your actions, there is no reason to change your actions