Old Guard MassGOP RiNOs Prevail

Posted April 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

 Not ~ quite ~ enough new blood to turn the tide – but they were running scared!


Painful to watch, deathly to sit through – Maginn has no clue how to run a meeting.


The make-up of the herd has changed, – but not their core values.

Chairman Robert Maginn re-elected by acclamation.

Kerry Healey elected Nat’l Committeewoman 44/35

Ron Kaufman re-elected Nat’l Committeeman by acclamation

Momma Kangas re-elected Vice Chair 41/36

Secretary:  Angela Davis – unopposed

   AsstSect:  Newbie Bonnie Johnson by acclamation

Treasurer:  Brent Andersen – unopposed

   AsstTreas:  Newbie Elizabeth Mahoney – by acclamation

Sincere congratulations to the winners!  You all TALKED a good game, – let’s start seeing some results! 

New guys / gals – DON’T GIVE UP NOW!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Healey Reception

Waiting on vote counting – the back-of-the-room visitors.

Opponents in 2010, allies now – Sean Bielat and Earl Sholley.

13 Responses to “Old Guard MassGOP RiNOs Prevail”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Looks as if we will be stuck at 11% ad infinatum!

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Amazing to see that even with NO vocal support from Martinez and Hatch (two pivitol votes, and both apparently now firmly entrenched S.C. women who had previously purported to support ‘conservative values’, but were both willing to put their personal infighting with former Mass Republican Assembly members above the need to move the MassGOP forward….) the challengers Aylward and Prunier came within 4/5 votes respectively of winning! Quite the improvement.

    (Reminder to voters: elections have consequences, and Martinez will most likely now get booted out in a Republican primary, or at the very least, go down to her fourth loss. She just lost the support of nearly all conservatives for her second ‘profile in courage’ moment in a few short months…but that’s another story).

    Prunier wasn’t shy about talking about the tremendous pressure the entreched folks put on her to drop out of the race, and was blunt in her descriptions of how it was obvious Chanel was going to kick Jody Party-Girl Dowd out of office, so 4 days before the election, the entrenched cabal pulled Healley out to give it a last-ditch effort to block a newbie win.

    5 votes was all the former MassGOP chair and former Lt. Governor could muster against the not-even 30 year old Prunier. Wow. Talk about an embarrassing win, but still a win, for Healey.

  3. John DiMascio

    Let’s look at the bright side for a moment. Yes our people lost. But look at the margin and what does that mean.

    The establishment can no-longer run rough-shot. At the next meeting the Regional Chairs will be elected. These people will serve on the Executive board. We have a real opportunity to pick up several seats. That means a seat at the table.

    The “Judas Priestess” has been exposed.
    Soon the pro-life community in Massachusetts will know all about it. Especially those who have donated so much time and so much effort and MONEY to her campaigns.
    You know, sometimes people keep running for the same office because they like having a campaign fund.
    It’s always convenient to have a hefty campaign fund that can legally pay for all kinds of expenses which the rest of us have to pay for ourselves.
    Everything from cell phone service to dinner with a constituent (boy can that one be stretched) to home internet service, etc, etc, etc. All of this candidates can pay for from their campaign fund.

  4. Perplexed Senior

    As a great man once said: “some people have principles and others have positions”. In this case our OCD candidate has neither. When you masquerade as pro life, anti abortion and pro marriage and support a candidate whose position is 180% from yours that tells a lot about your character, but revenge is the name of the game.

  5. Sam Adams

    Who’s not the least bit surprised that the sudden loyalties to known “Bonaparts” resulted in the ever-so-slight losses? Something happens to these people when they get elected. They’re courted by the useful idiots in Kaufman’s circle and their eyes glaze over with the encouragement that when they count on known sell-outs, they’ll win something in the end. What they “win” is the wrath of the real grassroots conservatives who know far better than they that they themselves have just been indoctrinated into the “Useful Idiot Club”.
    Don’t doubt for a minute that the left (and that would include the well-known experienced pretend-conservatives) are having a pat-on-the back party for themselves.

  6. Jim Buba

    Difficult to measure unity by tears. I agree with Mike on this one, they’ve talked. Can they walk?

    Its a start.

  7. John DiMascio

    We have a duty to warn the pro-life and pro-family community not to donate another dime to the “Judas Priestess.”

    Let her see how fast the RINOS dump her after this election cycle. Especially after she’s defeated in the primary.

    She may have to go get a job to pay her Verizon Bill.

    OH Boy, can’t wait to visit the Office of Campaign Finance Website and she just how she spends her campaign dollars.

  8. Lonnie Brennan

    Thanks for the suggestion. Went to OCPF.
    She spends heafty sums (throughout 2011), with Verizon cell phone bills monthly…$169, $175….wonder who she is talking to? How many phones? She bought an extended warranty on her computer for $189.99. She paid her membership at the local gun club for $140.

    Wow. Sure looks like a bluring of lines….I wonder how many pro-lifers want to contribute to a candidate who votes pro-death, and who takes campaign contributions and rents a storage locker in her hometown for $100/month?

    Why can’t she store her signs in her home? Garage? Barn? Shed? Neighbor’s or supporter’s shed? Give me a FREAKING break!!! Thousands on locker storage spending over her now 4, count runs (coming into 8 years!!). Not exactly a conservative use of precious campaign dollars….

  9. John DiMascio

    In 2006 Judas Priestess paid herself over $1,900 out of her campaign fund for mileage.

    1/30/2006 Mileage For Month 336. Miles $149.93
    5/31/2006 Mileage For Month 307. Miles $137.00
    6/30/2006 Mileage For Month 426. Miles $189.90
    7/31/2006 Mileage For Month 355. Miles $158.14
    8/31/2006 Mileage For Month 581. Miles $240.50
    9/30/2006 Mileage For Month 1228. Miles $546.59 10/18/2006Mileage For Period 318.45 Miles $141.71
    10/31/2006 Mileage For Period 754.25 Miles $335.64
    12/31/2006 Mileage For Month 91.36 Miles $40.66

    Again this is all perfectly legal. But it is a payment to self. When you are asking the pro-life and pro-family community to contribute to your campaign fund, I don’t imagine this where they think the money will be going.

  10. Joe Hardy

    This is VERY petty… you are attacking this women’s ocpf records just because you suspect she didnt vote your way. You have NO proof on how State Committee members voted and unless you do have proof this is nothing more than a witch hunt.

    I’ll have to make sure your chosen candidates get grilled this much on their OCPF records.

  11. Iron Mike

    ‘VERY PETTY’ Joe? Really?

    I and others worked long and hard in elections past to get this Judas Priestess elected, believing her at her WORD that she was PRO-LIFE – that she HATED abortion.

    She may now never get to cast a vote on Beacon Hill, because the ONE night she had to PROVE HER WORD – she chose to vote for TWO (2) decidedly PRO-abortion candidates.

    Suddenly all the crap and all the ‘stuff’ that we tried to ignore or dismiss over the years makes a lot of sense – the missing pieces of the jig-saw puzzle.

    She’s been a PHONY all along! I suspect a LOT MORE will be exposed about her – and others in the near future.

    PETTY? There’s NOTHING ‘petty’ about life-and-death Joe! Nothing!

  12. John DiMascio

    The facts are facts. This is her 4th run for State Senate Joe Hardy. And while most of us run around working for candidates, going to their fundraisers, or going to a polling place on election day for them. We don’t have Campaign fund from which we can get be reimbursed for mileage. Nor can we pay our phone bills, cell phone bills, or internet service out of our campaign funds.

    A lot of people in the pro-life community have been giving this woman money for years. They didn’t think it was going in to a slush fund that paid her every day expenses.

    The Unholy Trinity’s behavior gave it away on Thursday night. One of them had a bit too much to drink and said the wrong thing in front of the wrong people.

    This isn’t about who won or who lost. I wish Jeane Kangas and Kerry Healey all the best. I hope they do a great job. I don’t have a bad thing to say about them. I certainly disagree with their positions on life and marriage. But I don’t hold anything against them.

    This issue here is that the Judas Priestess has ripping off the pro-life and pro-family community. And we intend to let them know how she’s been spending their money. Now if Judas Priestess has nothing to be ashamed of then what’s the problem? No one is saying she’s done anything illegal.
    We just want people to know she took $1,900 out of her campaign fun to pay herself of mileage. As a candidate she felt that was more important than say using the money to buy an add, or do a robo-call, or do something else to promote her candidacy. What’s wrong with her donors hearing about that?

  13. John DiMascio

    Mr. Hardy, we don’t suspect she didn’t vote our way. She told Steve Aylward to his face last week she was pledged to vote for Jeanne Kangas.

    That’s fine, she’s free to do so. But she’s not free to call herself pro-life and pro-family in the same breath. And that’s what we are talking about here. She didn’t abstain. She voted for a pro-abortion anti-family candidate, after years of preaching another tune, while collecting contributions from people who expect her to honor the views she espouses.