O’Keefe Corners Elusive New Hampshire Weasel

Posted June 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

James O’Keefe enjoys a fine moment of journalism as he confronts the New Hampshire Assoc Attny General who tried to build a voter fraud case against him

If you don’t recall, O’Keefe busted a number of NH voting places  – proving they were willing – even eager – to issue ballots to dead people – without any thought of checking IDs!

Once exposed, rather than fix their corrupt voting procedures – Head attempted to build a case of voter fraud,…against O’Keefe.

You can reach Mister Head at:  richard.head@doj.nh.gov

One Response to “O’Keefe Corners Elusive New Hampshire Weasel”

  1. Casey Chapman

    It seems like s.o.p. these days, to accuse the accuser. To smear the whistleblower. To protect the corrupted. This is just another step on the way to Agenda21.