O’Keefe Again: North Carolina Voter Fraud

Posted May 15th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Given the number of Americans who have died to ensure we had a free country and free elections, North Carolina should be deeply ashamed!

Anybody out there think Governor Beverly Perdue (a Democrat) gives a flip? Nah! I put a call into her office (919)733-4240 – spoke with her ‘Exec Assistant’ – who was unable to tell me the name of the North Carolina official MOST in charge of ensuring the integrity of the election process.  Bev’s got my number if she wants to make a statement.

2 Responses to “O’Keefe Again: North Carolina Voter Fraud”

  1. Sue

    Every one of O’Keefe’s stings is deeply disturbing.

  2. Sam Adams

    We’re loaded with dead voters in Massachusetts. Dead voters stay on the ballot lists for 2 years. No one in the elections offices can explain why.
    We need a sting like this!