Oil! A Lotta Lotta Oil In Western China!

Posted April 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Chinese have known the oil was there for over a decade, – but it’s down really deep – 7.67 Km (nearly 5 miles) deep under their western desert.

Now,  with the instability of things in Persia (and that Coronavirus plague running rampant there),  they’ve taken a hard second look at drilling in the Tarim Basin,  – and been pleasantly surprised!

One deep puddle has an estimated 100 million tons of crude oil and nearly as much natural gas. (Caution:  after Coronavirus,  who can trust Chinese numbers?)

At RRB, we sincerely hope President Xi can put his hordes of people to work drilling, pumping and refining that oil. 

It will make him a little less needful of forcing his way across Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and into the Middle East and Eastern Africa.

Instead of going afar, – Xi can go DEEP!

There is the matter of those pesky Muslims – the Uyghurs,  – who stubbornly refuse to give up Islam and embrace Communism….

…but if they fail to cooperate and go along,  their ‘re-education camps’ can quickly be turned into extermination camps.

After all, Mao showed them how – he killed 60 million of his own people,  – mostly by starving them to death.

Ask any recent high school or college graduate what they know about Mao’s Great Leap Forward…..


Now China has discovered they actually have enough oil to meet their domestic needs for at least 50 years,  – maybe even become net oil exporters…

So we’ll watch, and see if they develop this oil field,  – or will they keep building their blue water navy,  because taking other people’s oil is easier than deep drilling in the desert…

3 Responses to “Oil! A Lotta Lotta Oil In Western China!”

  1. panther 6

    My midget mind tells me to watch them continue moving their tentacles out, engulfing whatever they can get, and also DRILL in the western desert. They do plan to rule the world.


    Exactly Sir! Which will PROVE that they’re an expansionist empire – not merely an oil-starved one.

  2. Walter Knight

    China covets Siberia. If Russia ever falls to China, we’re next. As for Muslims in Western China, too bad, so sad. Communism is an excellent final solution to the Muslim menace.

  3. Walter Knight

    In other Chinese news, the Mekong River is at record lows because of drought and Chinese dams diverting water.